THANK YOU to all who made the 2022-2023 Parker Fund so successful!!

Important Information about The 2023-2024 Fund will be coming early Fall 2023!

The PURPOSE of the fund

Parker's personalized education is dependent on our extraordinary faculty and staff.

Parker teachers are more talented and more central to our success than at any other school. Yet they earn far less than teachers elsewhere.
We need your help!

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"My colleagues do such a great job in Division One and Two coaching our students to know themselves as learners. In Division Three, we get to work with kids who are not afraid of feedback, want to grow, a nd are super comfortable in the classroom. It's a blast."
 — Jon Churchill, Div 3 MST
"Parker affords me the time, space and structure necessary to get to know students well and position them at the center of teaching and learning, where they belong."
— Marena, Div 2 AH
"One of the most important aspects of teaching is knowing your students well. At Parker, the way school is done provides endless opportunities to get to know the students well. Knowing students leads to building relationships and these connections are crucial for growth in the students as well as myself."

Teachers are the Heart of Parker

Let's support the exceptional work they do!

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"I appreciate the way the TEACHERS at Parker involve my children in their academic journey and strive to build a family-like community."

— Shawna Hayner, Parker Parent

"There are no cracks at Parker where students can fall through! Instead, there is a finely meshed net where the STUDENTS are connected to their teachers and other adults in many, many ways.
I've seen my own children and others thrive with their learnings once they are in a place where they are seen and understood."

— Stacie Cassat Green, Parker Parent

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How Will the Fund
support our PURPOSE?

FrancisParker_Heart.png Closed the compensation gap for staff
FrancisParker_Heart.png Attract and retain exceptional teachers
FrancisParker_Heart.png Expand racial and ethnic diversity

Your donations to Our Essential Commitment Fund showed YOUR CARE for our community?

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Our Essential Commitment Fund


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Gifts to Stand Up for Parker

The Sumner Fund


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Gifts to Stand Up for Parker


How can I make my donation to Parker?
  • Send a check made out to The Sizer Foundation, Inc., the pubilc charity whose purpose is to raise funds for the Parker Charter Essential School and the Theodore R. Sizer Teachers Center.
  • Become a Green & Black donor! Make a green, paperless gift to keep Parker in the black. Visit and use your credit card or checking account to schedule a one-time, weekly, monthly, or quarterly donation to the Annual Fund. If every Parker family gave $100 a month over the next three years, we would exceed $1,000,000.
Help Parker’s meaningful work continue in its Third Decade.
Questions? Contact Katrina Tedstone, Development Director
at [email protected] or 978-772-3293 ext.164


Our Essential Commitment Fund donations can be sent to:

The Sizer Foundation
49 Antietam Street
Devens, MA 01434
attn: Development Office

Or made online at


Contact Katrina at [email protected]

Photograph of Katrina Tedstone
Katrina Tedstone
Director of Development
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Why People Donated:

“The benefits of a Parker education extend far beyond the six years a student studies there. The habits of mind that students learn during their time at Parker (intellectual curiosity, persistence, critical inquiry) prepare them for success in subsequent education, work, and life. A gift that keeps on giving!”

“I choose Parker—because their education is crafted to the individual and not all individuals learn the same way. It is important to me—as I can see the difference it has made for both of my children. It is essential—as it is an alternative to the traditional learning approach.”

“I believe that Parker is a proof-point for an approach to education that many think is impossible and I believe is essential!”

“We support Parker because of the learning model, staff support and student community engagement. These components of learning have all been essential to our daughter’s academic success. Parker is an essential option for students who need more than the traditional learning model and what typical public schools are able/willing to provide.”