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Parker Governance and Standards
Parker School Mission Statement (79.51 KB)
Bylaws of the Francis W. Parker Charter Essential School (209.10 KB)
The Parker Constitution (275.37 KB)
Parker Community Handbook (511.42 KB)
Criteria for Excellence (482.64 KB)
Parker Policies and Plans
Bullying Prevention and Intervention Plan 2010 (1,362.12 KB)
Parker Civil Rights Procedures for All non-Title IX Claims (189.31 KB)
Parker Civil Rights Procedures Title IX (214.22 KB)
Parker's Strategic Plan (982.29 KB)
Technology Plan (157.22 KB)
Parker Notices
Parker's School Report Card (628.98 KB)
Special Education Procedural Safeguards (187.63 KB)
Press Release - Tiered Focused Monitoring Review (146.75 KB)
Tiered Focused Monitoring Review Report
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