The Sizer Teachers Center at the Francis W. Parker Charter Essential School welcomes you!

The center provides professional development support and customized experiences. We offer several types of professional development:

  • Educator Workshops, which allow educators to learn about and consider ways to implement principles and practices from Parker in their own school contexts
  • Custom Workshops, which offer teachers a chance to focus in depth on specific Parker practices, such as advisory, authentic assessment, and senior projects
  • Custom Visits, which provide individuals or groups a chance to participate in tailor-made programs focused on particular questions they have about Parker
  • Consulting and Partnerships, which establish formal relationships between Parker and other schools and offer long-term facilitation and support as schools plan and implement reform strategies

We hope that you will take some time to visit us and look forward to seeing you!

Respect for students starts with respect for teachers, for them as individuals, for their work, and for their workplace.
-Ted Sizer

Theodore R. Sizer Teachers Center
Francis W. Parker Charter Essential School
49 Antietam Street
Devens, MA 01434
(978) 772-3293 ext. 168
[email protected]