Passionate About Your Child’s Education?

The ParkerPAC is a group of parent volunteers committed to supporting Parker in meeting the special educational needs of our children.

As the Parker Special Education Advisory Council we help provide a “parents’ voice” in support of the education, safety and welfare of students with unique learning styles or challenges requiring special educational support.

ParkerPAC helps provide ways that parents can make a difference in their child’s educational experience such as:

  • Opportunities for new parents to understand what Special Education looks like at Parker.
  • An audience where you can network with peers.
  • Surveys to capture your experiences regarding Special Education.
  • Access to lectures, educational events, and other activities. 
  • A chance to work with other like-minded parents and school administration in supporting the educational needs of the community.

Our History

Formed in the spring of 2010, our focus is to develop a common understanding of the needs of the wider special education community at Parker. This community includes students, parents and educators - in short, all those supporting the education of our children.

Keep an eye on this space for notices of upcoming meetings and educational events!


Wednesday, May 26, 2021 at 6:00 PM

Join the Special Education Advisory Council (SEPAC) for our virtual Teams meeting.

Topic: Chat with Kathy Russo (Special Education Coordinator) and Sheila Kelly (School Counselor)
Click here to join the meeting on Wednesday, May 26th at 6:00 pm.