The F.W. Parker Charter Essential School’s Special Education Parent Advisory Council (SEPAC) is a parent-led group providing support to parents & guardians of children who have an IEP or 504 Accommodation Plan.

SEPAC membership is open to everyone in the Parker Community.

Keep an eye on this space for notices of upcoming meetings and educational events!


From the SEPAC Co-Chair:

Take a look at the Greater Massachusetts Special-Needs Events website for a wonderful list of events!

You can also receive their newsletter by signing up on their website. See the link below:

Greater Massachusetts Special-Needs Events

If you would like to be a member of the SY2022-2023 SEPAC Board or would just like to learn more about SEPAC, please email  [email protected], or contact the SEPAC Administrator at (978) 772-3293 x121.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Francis W. Parker Charter Essential School Special Education Parent Advisory Council is to work toward the understanding, respect, and support of all students with special needs in the Parker community, and to ensure that students’ needs are being met under Massachusetts Special Education Regulations 603 CMR 28.07 (4)*, and other applicable laws.

Passionate About Your Child’s Education?

The ParkerPAC is a group of parent volunteers committed to supporting Parker in meeting the special educational needs of our children.

As the Parker Special Education Parent Advisory Council we help provide a “parents’ voice” in support of the education, safety and welfare of students with unique learning styles or challenges requiring special educational support.

ParkerPAC helps provide ways that parents can make a difference in their child’s educational experience such as:

  • Opportunities for new parents to understand what Special Education looks like at Parker.
  • An audience where you can network with peers.
  • Surveys to capture your experiences regarding Special Education.
  • Access to lectures, educational events, and other activities. 
  • A chance to work with other like-minded parents and school administration in supporting the educational needs of the community.

ParkerPAC (SEPAC) By-Laws (122.30 KB)