Graduation Portfolio

During their Division III career, students choose semester and year-long courses based on their interests but such that they are well exposed across the essential skills of:

Reading Scientific Investigation
Research Mathematical Problem-Solving
Writing Oral Presentation
Technology Technical Communication
Systems Thinking Artistic Expression
Spanish Listening and Media Analysis

The Graduation Portfolio contains work from these courses and demonstrates the student’s accomplishments in at least 9 of the 12 skill areas as outlined by the Criteria for Excellence.

Senior Project

Division III students at Parker will culminate their studies with a capstone Senior Project, a topic or project they choose to explore independently with the guidance of an outside mentor, sometimes in a workplace internship. Presented to a public audience as part of a student’s Graduation Exhibition, the Senior Project makes an intellectual and personal bridge between high school and the world beyond.

During this project they must:

  1. Generate an “essential question”;
  2. Explore this question by:
    • Engaging in formal academic research;
    • Collaborating with people outside the Parker School (e.g. internship, interview series, job-shadowing, field research);
  3. Use their findings/work to benefit the larger community;
  4. Apply skills and knowledge from several disciplines to complete the project;
  5. Present their project to a panel.
School Service

All Division III students commit two hours per week to school service. Students are paired with a faculty mentor to perform a variety of school-related functions from tutoring to custodial assistance to research assisting to office work.