Information for Returning Students

We will be updating this page throughout the summer to include links to paperwork that needs to be completed in advance of the new school year, along with other information we share with families each summer.

Summer Reading

Parker students are asked to select (at least!) two books each summer – the links below give more information about a summer reading assignment, as well as some suggestions for books :

Division One Summer Math

Students who will be in Division 1 MST next fall are invited to participate in the second ever Division 1 Summer Math Challenge!  This optional challenge is intended to help you keep your math brain active over the summer with take roughly 15 minutes of math practice for 20 days.  Read this document for all of the details!

Current students can can log in to their existing Parker IXL account, which is active all summer. Reach out to Diane Kruse ( if you need help with your account.


Not all items can be completed at this time, but these are the items that will need to be done before school begins:

Opt-Out Forms

NOTE: Must be completed each year - selections do not carry over.

The following forms should be completed only if you choose to opt-out of:
  • Allowing Parker to share your directory information with Massachusetts Charter Public School Association (MCPSA): ​​​​​​ MCPSA Opt-Out Form
  • Allowing Parker to create or publish images of your student:  ​​​​​​​Image Opt-Out Form
  • Allowing Parker to share your student’s information with military recruiters (juniors and seniors only): ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
    Military Opt-Out Form

More information is included on each form. You only need to complete the form if you choose to opt-out.

Physicals and Vaccinations

Every student must have a current physical examination upon entering Parker School and up-to-date immunizations. Please refer to this updated information from the Health Office about Physicals and Vaccinations with new requirements regarding meningococcal conjugate vaccine. Please contact the school nurse, Lisa Zick, at with any questions.

Health Portal (to do in August)

Parker uses the SNAP Health Portal for collection of health forms including the Student Emergency and Health form, medication order and consent form, athletic forms, and field trip forms. Parents will need to log in to verify all information, add any allergies and medical/mental health conditions, update alerts, and upload the Student Emergency and Health form before the start of school. The Health Portal is accessed at Health forms can be found here.

Meal Information

The USDA, through the extension of a summer meals program, announced approval of a waiver that makes all students eligible for free meals. Meals will be available for all students ages 0-21 at no cost through the 2021-2022 school year or until it is no longer fiscally or legally possible.

If you are in need, please refer to the Project Bread Meal Finder. You can utilize any open site listed. Children and teens can get free meals at hundreds of locations throughout the state, no registration or ID required! Locations are continuously added and updated—if you do not see a location near you, please check back regularly. To find other food resources, please call Project Bread's FoodSource Hotline at 1-800-645-8333 or visit:

We still strongly encourage families to fill out household applications for free and reduced lunch if they feel they may be eligible based on income levels. There may be future changes to program options given the potential end to the federal waiver as explained above. Once the waiver ends, students will be charged $4 for lunch and $2 for breakfast as was the case in previous years. Having a paper application on file will also allow students to qualify for any additional benefits and ensure a seamless transition when schools move back to a paid program.  Household applications are available to download on our website.

Please click here for a household application.

In addition, we also encourage families to apply for SNAP benefits. SNAP provides monthly cash benefits (on an EBT card) to purchase groceries for eligible families. To apply for SNAP, visit or call the Project Bread FoodSource Hotline at 1-800-645-8333. If you are unsure whether your family is eligible, the FoodSource Hotline can assist you with eligibility questions. Families approved for SNAP are directly eligible to receive free meals at school and do not need to fill out an application for free and reduced-price meals.

Should you have any questions regarding the lunch program, please contact:

Michelle McKenna
Business Manager
978-772-3293 x113


The following items may not apply to all families, are optional, are for your information, or may not require a response, though we recommend that you review them all:

Returning Student Placement Information

Every summer, we invite families to share with us information about who their student is as a learner and as an individual.  Along with observations and feedback from their current advisors and teachers, we use this information to thoughtfully place each student and to create dynamic and diverse advisory groupings and classrooms.  If you would like to share specific information with us for placement purposes, please complete this survey ( NO LATER THAN August 15.  There is a longer explanation of the criteria we use to group students and how this process differs by Division at the beginning of the survey, so please be sure to read that as well.

Essential Question for 2021-2022:

Why Should We Care?

¿Por qué debería importarnos?

The Essential Question is a broad question around which a large part of a year's work is organized; a question that helps to focus work across the domains.


COVID Letter to Families 23-Aug

Update Contact Information

If there are any changes in your contact information (address, telephone, email), please make sure to email Cindy Johnson at We appreciate your time.


All Soccer teams and Cross Country will start practicing on Monday, August 23. We are planning to have Middle School, Junior Varsity, and Varsity for girls and boys soccer and cross county this fall. 

Student-athletes will not be permitted to participate until a current physical form, all sports forms, and the Student Emergency and Health form have been turned in to the School Nurse. Registration will begin in August and will completed by submitting forms through the Health Portal. The Sports User Fee is due prior to the first game and should be paid online or via check to Parker School. To learn more about sports, click here.

User Fee Discount and Waiver Policy

In order to have user fees automatically waived, families must meet Federal Eligibility Guidelines for free or reduced price meals. An application for the free or reduced price meals program is provided all families in the annual registration packet, as is a copy of the Federal Eligibility Income Chart for the current school year. Qualifying families will automatically have the user fee waived by the business office. Families who do not meet the Federal Eligibility Guidelines may seek relief from user fees by filling out the free and reduced price meals application and submitting it to Parker’s business office with an attached explanation of why a reduction or waiver is requested. All information provided will be handled discretely by business office staff.

Supply List

Parker School Supply List

Medication Administration

Some over-the-counter medications can be administered by the nurse with a completed Medication Administration Permission section of the Student Emergency Health form. The Medication Order and Parent/Guardian Consent form must be completed if your child requires administration of any other medication while at school or emergency medication treatment (i.e., EpiPen). Click here for more information.

Community Handbook

Parker Community Handbook 2021-2022

Devens Regional Shuttle

The Devens Regional Shuttle offers a public transportation option in our region and may be a beneficial part of your family’s transportation plan.

Carpool List

Information supporting the formation of carpools was sent via postal mail to homes in July.

School Store

Click here to see that items available from our school store.

School Photos

NEW DATE: School Picture Day is Friday, October 1st.

Final Reports - June 2021

Final year-end student narratives (“report cards”) are complete and have been pushed to the Portal.  Below are instructions for how to access the reports from a computer, which is how we recommend you view them.  (Though they can be viewed from the phone app, they are much harder to read there, and since teachers take a lot of time to write them, we really want you to read them!) 

Please note that there is a lot of information in these reports, particularly in the “columns” which list all major projects from the second semester (and sometimes go on for three pages!).  If you are overwhelmed by the amount of information available, we recommend that you skip to the final paragraph in each report, in which teachers have summarized major learning/progress from the year.  Then, if you want detailed information, you can see it in the columns, where relevant. 

You do have to access each report from each class separately, which these directions tell you how to do. Please read these instructions before reaching out for help, as most questions are answered by doing so!