2023-2024 Parent OPT OUT Form for
Permission to Create or Publish Images

Dear Parents/Guardians,

From time-to-time, Parker creates images of the school in action and our students at work. These images may include photographs, video or audio recordings, or digital images of students and student work. These images are published in the Yearbook and on the school's website. Images may also be used in news releases, media inquiries, educational and promotional materials, and digital platforms updated by the school. Students are typically not identified by name in the images: in some cases, the student's first name may be revealed in descriptive text connected with the image.

Please indicate below if you do not consent to having images of your student(s) published by the school. Parents, guardians, and eligible students can OPT OUT of publication of images that include the student(s) and/or image creation that includes the student(s).

Please complete and submit the form below if you wish to OPT OUT. This form should be completed once for each student opting out.

Please CHECK the statement below AND enter your email address if you are denying the school permission to create or publish images of your student.

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