Release of Information to Military Recruiters
(for Juniors and Seniors only)

Under Section 9528 of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001, the school is required to release your child's name, address and phone number (directory information) to military recruiters unless you request that this information be withheld.

This is your opportunity to state your choice about whether the school releases that information. You must sign and return this form if you wish to have this information withheld. If you do not return this form, we are required to release this information.

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Federal public law 107-110, section 9528 of the ESEA, “No Child Left Behind Act” requires school districts to release student names, addresses, and phone numbers to military recruiters upon request.  The law also requires the school district to notify students and parents of the right to opt-out from this by requesting that the district not release student information to military recruiters.  This form is intended to serve as the opportunity to request that that information be withheld.