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Yucatan Trip Information


Trip Purpose & Objective

This eight-day trip has been created to give students an immersion Spanish experience and for them to experience local life and culture among Mexican families in the Yucatan Peninsula, one of the safest and most beautiful places in Latin America!

This is a once-in-a-lifetime trip where students will stay in the small colonial city of Mérida, visit Chichen Itza and other breathtaking archaeological sites, learn more about some aspects of Mexican culture, such as visiting a henequín farm, learning how to cook local specialties and  about how chocolate is created from cacao, as well as take a dip in the Gulf of Mexico and some local cenotes – majestic pools with aquamarine water that lead to an enormous network of subterranean tunnels!

Many of our students have experienced our Spanish program for years and are ready for more. Others have only just started and will find themselves yearning for more after a trip like this. Seeing the world from another perspective by being immersed in another culture is truly a life-changing experience that we cannot wait for your children to experience!

If your child isn’t quite ready for a trip like this, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. We are already in the works of planning a homestay trip to Spain next year. And Latin America again the year after that!

Yucatan Adventure - April 2020


How do I sign up?

  1. Students get trip overview from Mandy or Fran (in class Thursday, Oct. 12th).
  2. Parent/s attend informational meeting on Monday, September 30 at 3:45 or 6:30. 
  3. Turn in application with $50 deposit by Friday, Oct. 11 to Mandy or Fran (or their mailbox in main office). The earlier the better! Please make checks payable to Parker Charter School. Deposit refunded if student not accepted for trip. 
  4. Fran and Mandy review applications and inform students and parents of acceptance through email by Tuesday, Oct. 15th. Students must go through this process before signing up with our host company Interact Travel.
  5. Students who have been accepted must make first payment of $755 to Interact by Friday, Oct. 18th to confirm and retain their spot in the travel group.  (Write check to Interact and turn in to Mandy and Fran, OR pay online.)

Student travel is one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences ever. Its success greatly depends on the passion, responsibility and dynamics of the group, including each traveler individually. Students going on the trip should want to spend time with each and every member of the travel group and want to share in the responsibilities of a safe and enjoyable experience. Because of this, we ask all students who wish to participate in this travel group to complete the attached application, paying close attention to addressing the prompts thoughtfully and completely.

How much does it cost?


Great question. We’ve worked hard to find a trip that is affordable, safe, and amazing. Interact Travel is the company who is arranging our travel and homestays. They are a small company in Wisconsin that has been in the business for 20 years and are known for their homestays. Below you will find the cost of the trip. Please also estimate spending $40 for food on International travel days ($20 each day). Please also take into consideration that Interact does not offer travel insurance. However, we HIGHLY recommend purchasing a cancel for any reason trip insurance plan.

Interact Program Fee:

  • $2160

Parker Fee for International Insurance Rider and Incidentals:

  • $200

Total: $2,360


Yucatan Adventure - April 2020
Application Checklist

ALL of the following is due by Friday, Oct. 11, to be considered for this trip. All forms must be complete - The earlier the better!

    • Parent Agreement and Info.
    • $50 deposit to Mandy or Fran (or their mailbox in main office). Please make checks payable to Parker Charter School. Deposit refunded if student not accepted for trip.
    • Essay completed by student, submitted to Mandy and Fran via email
    • Completed Official Enrollment Form turned in to Mandy or Fran or their mailbox This will be submitted to Interact Travel on Friday, 10/18, committing you to the full cost of the trip, unless Mandy and Fran are notified by email by 12PM on Friday, Oct. 18.
    • Teacher recommendation, submitted to Mandy and Fran via email.
    • Behavioral contract.

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