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When Your Child Must Stay at Home

When Your Child Must Stay at Home

Your child must remain at home or be dismissed if:

  • They do not have the required immunizations mandated by the Department of Public Health (DPH).
  • They have vomited or have diarrhea. The student may return to school twenty-four hours after the last episode.
  • They have a fever of 100.0 or higher. Students need to be free of fever for twenty-four hours before returning to school.
  • They have lice or nits. They must be lice free for re-entry to school.
  • They have a rash of unknown origin. They may return to school when written authorization from their health care provider is submitted to the school nurse.
  • They have conjunctivitis or impetigo. They may return to school when there is no drainage or redness and/or have been on antibiotics for 24 hours.
  • They have a contagious disease. DPH protocols are followed.
  • They are acutely ill or injured.
  • They have an uncontrollable cough.

This list is a guideline. The School Nurse reserves the right to dismiss students, who in her professional opinion, are possibly contagious or are too ill to be in school.  Parents/Guardians are also responsible for notifying the School Nurse if their child has a contagious disease. Parents/Guardians should inform the School Nurse if their child is returning to school after an extended illness or surgery.

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