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Dismissal Policy

Dismissal Policy

Parents/Guardians should be aware that school health office policy states that students may not be dismissed early without parent/guardian authorization. This applies to ALL students under the age of 18, including those who may drive themselves to and from school. If a student becomes ill or injured at school, they should report to the Nurse's Office, where, if necessary, transportation home will be arranged. If the student has driven themselves to school, the School Nurse will make an assessment of the student's health status and notify a parent/guardian when dismissal is recommended. If the student is considered too ill or injured to drive home safely, a parent/guardian must arrange alternate transportation home before the student can be dismissed. This is also necessary because of the danger of a student being home alone without parent/guardian knowledge and his/her health condition worsening. Because of these and other health and safety risks, no student, including Division III students, will be dismissed early from school without receiving parent/guardian permission. A blanket statement for such permission is not acceptable. Parent/Guardian cooperation with this policy is appreciated.

For the same health and safety concerns, it is school health office policy that a parent or guardian must notify the school of a student’s known absence, or late arrival to school on a daily basis. Prolonged absences due to health concerns should be reported to the School Nurse. Parents or guardians are notified if their child is not present and the school has not received any prior notification from a parent or guardian regarding the absence. If you have any questions or concerns, please notify the School Nurse.

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