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Rising (Incoming) 8th Graders - Deposit DUE on June 5th!


Dear Students and Families of Incoming 8th Graders:

It’s time for another adventure! This fall, on September 23rd-25th 2019, all Division One staff and students will head out for our “every-other-year” trip to the Becket Chimney Corners YMCA Outdoor Center in western Massachusetts. 

This outdoor setting will provide a variety of exciting team building and problem-solving activities. We will focus on the importance of trust, communication, cooperation and group responsibility, while having a lot of fun together! Each year we take this trip, we are amazed at how this experience develops divisional identity, brings advisories together, and helps students get to know one another and their teachers in a new way. We think this is an important, essential piece of the Parker experience! 

Students will be staying in rustic (no electricity) cabins that sleep a student/adult ratio of ten to two. There are separate shower houses for males and females and a dining facility that will serve all of our meals, including most special nutritional needs. We will have a meeting in the fall to answer any specific questions you may have, and you will see more information in the summer mailing and at registration this fall. Feel free to contact Alan Laubenstein ( with any questions that you would like to have answered in the meantime.

The cost is $315 per student, which includes all food, lodging, activities and travel expenses. We are requesting that families submit a 50% deposit, of $155, by June 5th of this year. The initial deposit ($155) needs to be submitted by Wednesday, June 5th!

Checks should be made out to the “Parker School” and returned to your child’s advisor.  You can also pay online using the following link: On the far left, click “Field Trips,” and fill out the appropriate information using “Becket Trip” as the name of the field trip.  

We have made every attempt to make this trip affordable. Please do not allow money to be an issue for any student to participate. There is full and partial scholarship money available; you may apply confidentially by contacting Michelle McKenna at

This Division One camping trip is an experience students cherish and reflect upon throughout their six years at Parker. Please let us know if we can support your child and family in any way, so that this experience is one shared by all! 

Division One Faculty


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