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Grants Corner: The Walmart Foundation Awards Grants to Support the New Teachers Collaborative


Parker programs are supported by the operating budget (tuition revenue that follows each student to Parker) and by the generosity of our community. This regular feature of Friday Announcements describes, acknowledges, and celebrates the programs supported in part by grant-making partners large and small.


The Walmart Foundation Awards Grants to Support The New Teachers Collaborative 

A belief in “learning by doing” lies at the heart of the New Teachers Collaborative (NTC). The foremost objective of New Teachers Collaborative is to educate, support and retain a diverse pool of early-career educators through a full-year apprenticeship model of teacher preparation. They learn to teach by teaching in small progressive schools designed to foster deep understanding through the habits and skills of critical thinking, collaborative inquiry, and reflection where students are known well. Mentor teachers are key to the success of this distinctive school-based teacher preparation program, guiding the teacher candidate to self-reflection, professional confidence, and independence. The New Teachers Collaborative is a cohort-based, post-Baccalaureate full-year apprenticeship program which culminates with Massachusetts Initial Educator Licensure. 

Studies show that students learn best from teachers that have a similar race, biological characteristics or that share the same ethnicity, cultural factors, traditions and customs. Using students’ personal experiences to develop new skills and knowledge, teachers help make meaningful connections between school and real-life situations. A diverse teaching workforce benefits all students by helping them understand different ways of being and by preparing students for success in a diverse global society. 

We are grateful that the Walmart Foundation believes in the importance of the NTC Diverse Workforce Initiative and they have awarded NTC two local community grants, from the Leominster and Lunenburg stores, to help support this impactful program.


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