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Postural Screening Notifications - Field Trip Forms - Thank You Notes

Happy Friday from the Health Office!


Postural Screening Notifications

Postural screening is almost complete for the 7th, 8th, and 9th Grade students. If there were any issues discovered, a letter will be sent home. If you receive a letter for your child, please have them evaluated by their physician and provide a note back to Lisa with the physician's findings. Early detection for scoliosis is so important and can minimize the need for complex treatments later on. 

Please email Nurse Lisa if you have questions or concerns.


Health Portal Information - FIELD TRIP FORMS

When completing forms on the Health Portal it is important to know that the forms must be completed in Adobe especially if you have a MAC or a Chrome Book. Use the following instructions to complete a form on the Health Portal: 

  1. Download Adobe for free at (skip this step if you have already downloaded Adobe).
  2. Download/save BLANK form to your computer (remember where it is saved).
  3. Open Adobe (Acrobat Reader) then open the BLANK form you saved on your computer. While in Adobe, most will click on FILE then OPEN then choose the blank form you saved.
  4. Complete the form, save it again, upload the form to the Health Portal by clicking the red arrow to the right of the form. Submitting the form is your electronic signature.

How to Verify That a Form was Submitted Correctly on the Health Portal 

You can verify that a form was submitted correctly by clicking on “Forms” at the bottom left-hand side of the navigation window and then scroll past the list of forms to “Returned.”  Click on the magnifying glass all the way to the right of the form you uploaded.  This will open the form and you can verify if it is blank or uploaded correctly.


Thank You Notes:

  • Thank you to the family of Dominic Rigero for the donation of tissues!
  • Thank you to the family of Madeline Steigman for the previous donation of tissues that was acknowledged as anonymous!

Have a wonderful April Break!

Be well - Smile often - Stay healthy!

Warm Regards, Lisa
Liza Zick, BSN, RN
School Nurse
Office Hours: 8:15 AM - 3:45 PM
(Weds until 2:15 PM)
Phone: 978-772-3293 x135
Fax: 978-772-9494



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