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Many Thanks From the Health Office!

Happy Friday From the Health Office!


Screening for all 7th and 10th Graders is almost complete. Letters will go out to parents regarding any issues with vision and/or hearing in the next few weeks. 


Thank you notes:

  • To the family of Sara Surette for the ibuprofen, tissues, and cough drops!
  • To the family of Melody Farrell for the antibacterial wipes!
  • To the family of Mae Pflaum for the ibuprofen, tissues, and granola bars!
  • To Anonymous for the donation of tissues and antibacterial wipes!

All donations are greatly appreciated and so helpful in the care
and well-being of your students!

Wish List: 

  • Tissues - the school goes through so many tissues so there is always a great need
  • Fresh Fruit - please reach out to me so this can be coordinated to prevent waste
  • Snacks - granola bars, protein bars, peanut butter crackers

Your Thoughts: 

I would love your thoughts, both positive and constructive. Please send an email to

 Be well - Smile often - Stay healthy!

Warm Regards,
Nurse Lisa



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Essential Question: A broad question around which a large part of a year's work is organized; a question that helps to focus work across the domains.
May 4, 2018
Regularly scheduled meetings of the Parker Board of Trustees are held in Room 27 at the Parker School from 6:45 PM until 9:00 PM.
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