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The FLU Has Arrived!


The FLU (influenza) has arrived!

Getting the flu vaccine before flu season arrives is the first and best way to protect against getting the flu.  Even if you haven’t received your flu vaccine yet, it may still be beneficial.  After being vaccinated, it takes about two weeks for your body make antibodies against the flu. 

What can I do to prevent getting the flu?

The flu is passed from person to person by large respiratory droplets. Incubation is rapid and those exposed can develop the flu in a couple of days. If someone sneezes or coughs they can pass the flu virus in their respiratory secretions which become airborne. Proper sneezing and coughing etiquette and frequent hand washing can prevent transmission. Rest, nutrition, exercise, and hydration are needed for optimal overall health.

How do I know if I have the flu and what do I do?

It is difficult to know the difference from one respiratory illness like a cold from the flu. Physicians will characterize flu as a more rapid onset of more severe symptoms than a typical cold. Symptoms most often include fever, headache, malaise, dry cough, sore throat and runny nose. In children, nausea and diarrhea often accompany these symptoms. Symptoms may last 3-7 days with a cough and fatigue lasting over two weeks in many cases. Typically, it is not the actual flu symptoms which cause problems for most people.  Secondary conditions such as pneumonia, dehydration, asthma exacerbation and cardiac symptom exacerbation are a few of the serious complications of the flu. If you develop rapid onset, severe, flu-like symptoms contact your healthcare provider.

Thank you notes:

  • Thank you to Grace Martin’s family for the donation of tissues!

  • Thank you to Ben Munyon’s family for the donation of protein bars and cough drops! 

Wish List:

Tissues – URGENT need!

Healthy Snacks – protein bars, peanut butter crackers, fresh apples  (the apples went over very well!)

Gently used clothing in all sizes – sweats, t-shirts, pants, shorts, etc.


Be well - Smile often - Stay healthy!
Warm Regards,
Nurse Lisa



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