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Senior Yearbook Deadlines - Yearbook Ad Submission Guidelines





Dear Senior Parents/Guardians, Friends, and Relatives: 

The tradition of creating a school yearbook is especially important to the graduating class as it focuses on them.  This notice is to make you aware of your opportunity to contribute to the memories collected in this publication.  To clarify, this is separate from the senior section pages with your student’s senior portrait and baby picture that your student will be submitting content for. 

Yearbook Ads: Interested parents, families, and/or friends of seniors are able to purchase space in the back of the yearbook to create a message for their graduate.  These messages vary greatly and, if you choose to participate, what you do with your space is largely up to you.  Most families choose to combine pictures and words to commemorate and/or congratulate their student for his/her accomplishments and/or rise to adulthood.  A low-cost version is available where one can submit a short message to a graduate of up to 80 words without photos.  If you look at any of the yearbooks from prior years, you can see examples of what families have done in the past, or ask and a sample can be provided. 

Please see the following section of this notice for submission formatting guidelines. 

These ad pages have come to be very important to the graduates, and their sale helps make the yearbook price more reasonable. It is strongly encouraged that you design the ad yourself. There will be a $25 design fee to have the add designed for you and a surcharge of $20 for more than 10 photographs.   

Prices for ad pages are as follows: 


*If having the ad designed for you, please add an additional $25 and $20 for more than 10 photos. 

Payment can be made by check or using UniPayGold from the Online Bill/Fee Payment Link under Students & Parents on the Parker website.  Checks should be payable to Parker School and sent in to the attention of Ashley Wood (yearbook). When using the online payment method, choose Misc Fees and then Yearbook from the Fees pull-down list.  Please understand that we will not run ads that have not been paid in full.  

We must have your ad page materials or completed ad by Friday, January 31, 2020 (although sooner is better!).  If you are creating your own submission it can be accepted as late as February 21st but there will be an added late charge as indicated above for any materials or ads submitted after January 31, 2020.  We cannot guarantee anything submitted after February 21st will be included in the yearbook, as the book must be submitted to the printer in order to hand them out before graduation. 

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at

Thank you for supporting the yearbook!
Ashley Wood, Yearbook Advisor

Yearbook Ad Submission Guidelines

We are working with Hockmeyer to print the yearbook again this year and the whole yearbook will be printed in color.  Please feel free to create and format your own ad page submission following the guidelines below or you can send in your raw materials (pictures, text, etc.) to have it created for you. 


  • Submit the order form posted below (physically or electronically) with your submission!
  • Decide what you want in your submission (words, pictures, etc.) and if you want to create it yourself or send in all the parts and have it designed for you. Reminder! There is a $25 fee to have the ad designed for you.
  • If creating the ad yourself, you must use software that will export a .jpg at 300 dpi. Publisher does this, but PowerPoint and Word do not. Make sure to use the dimensions listed above, which accommodate for margins (a full page ad is only 7.5” x 10”, not 8.5” x 11”, and will be a 2250 x 3000 .jpg).
  • Keep your design under 10 photos, unless you are willing to pay a surcharge for additional photos.  No more than 20 photos are recommended for a full page.
  • If you want to send in your materials to have your ad created for you, also send as much information as you can about how you want it to look.  Feel free to provide a sketch to be used as a guide.  It’s OK if you have no idea what you want it to look like, but realize the sooner you submit the content, the more opportunity we’ll have to work together to fine tune the design.
  • All digital images used should be at least 300 dpi.  If you scan photos, they need to be scanned at minimum 300 dpi resolution.  Many pictures you view on your computer–like photos on Facebook–do NOT meet this requirement as only 96 dpi is required to look good on a monitor but 300 dpi is needed for printing.  In other words, a 600 x 900 pixel photo cannot be printed larger than 2” x 3” while retaining image quality. A 4” x 6” photo scanned at 300 dpi will be at least 1,000 KB in file size and likely larger.  (Hint: when using a PC, if you hover your mouse over the image file name, a box will appear showing the file properties where Dimensions: is the width by height in pixels and Size: is the file size in kilobytes or megabytes.)  Color/contrast adjust each photo individually.
  • Meet the submission deadline of January 31st. Late submissions cost you more and may not make it into the book.
  • Contact Ashley if you have any questions at 


  • Do not send in pictures you have printed out from your own home printer.  They are usually too pixelated to be used after they are scanned.  If you have the picture you want electronically, please email it, upload it, or send it in on a flash drive which will be returned.
  • Don’t send in your only copy of your most precious pictures.  Although all photos will be returned, it’s impossible to guarantee something won’t be lost; if you would be devastated if you didn’t get it back, please send an electronic copy of the picture instead.
  • Do not cut your pictures.  Pictures can be cropped electronically if you indicate what part of the picture you want included.  Obviously, you will break this rule if you are “scrapbooking” your own submission to then be scanned.  If you are making a physical collage and would like text added electronically after it is scanned in, just provide those instructions.

Electronic materials can be emailed to with order form, or sent into school on a cd or flash drive to Ashley in room 62 with the order form posted below. This includes your final ad files or the text, scanned pictures, etc. to be used to create your submission.  If you are sending in physical materials to school, please mark them to the attention of Ashley Wood. 

If you have any questions, please email Ashley at it is best to ask your questions early to prevent having to undo lots of work that is incompatible with the requirements.  This should be an enjoyable project, and the seniors always treasure the product!

Filesize: 133.47 KB
Due by January 31st to Yearbook Advisor Ashley Wood, with submission of ad or materials for ad to be designed.

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