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School Calendar - Gateway Congrats - Field Trips - Lost & Found - MISSING BROOCH!


MANY congratulations to everyone completing Gateways this week and on Monday! It’s an exciting time of year and one that we all enjoy.

Division 1 also enjoyed their annual visit to Long Lake in Littleton, Juniors leave for Vermont on their Annual Retreat on Monday, and Division 2 will be off to New Castle Common on Tuesday.

Next week will be filled with wrapping up for the year. On Thursday we will hold The BIG END, which includes a celebration for all completed Gateways. Students will also have some time to sign Yearbooks and enjoy a fun, all-school picnic. Please come a little early so that you can join in with the festivities.

This is also a perfect opportunity to check and claim any items in the LOST & FOUND, and also to pick up any containers you may have left behind when helping to celebrate year-end events.

Have a safe and happy summer.
We look forward to seeing you again in the fall!


Lost & Found PICKUP

The Lost & Found Closet (across from Room 28) will be CLEARED of ALL items on MONDAY, June 25th.

Please take a moment to claim any items belonging to you or your loved ones. ALL unclaimed items will be donated to charity!


Sterling silver brooch lost during Parker’s 2018 graduation on June 6th, somewhere between the gym and the left street-side parking at P5.

It is about 1.5 inches diameter, round, monogrammed with letters EVE in script on the front, “Erickson Sterling Handwrought” stamped on the back.

This was a gift my grandfather gave to my grandmother, and he passed away many years ago, and she left the piece to me when she died in 2010. This has great deal of sentimental value to me, and I wear it to all of our family’s momentous occasions, because Gram was one of our best cheerleaders. I would be deeply grateful if whoever found it would turn it into the school office!

Thanks, Heidi Korhonen

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