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Photo Make Up Day - Parker Life - Thank You


Hockmeyer Studios will be back at 8:00 am on Thursday, September 12th. They will be taking photos of students who did not have their photos taken during Registration Day. If your student was absent on Registration Day, please be sure to have them here PROMPTLY at 8:00 on this date!


Reducing Traffic Congestion at Pick-Up 

The sample size is too small to indicate that a revision of Parker’s traffic plan is called for just yet, but the changes to traffic patterns in Devens may be impacting routines that have served us pretty well for years.  Here are some suggestions for reducing congestion during afternoon pick-up: 

  • Self-schedule an off-peak pickup time with your student: 3:45 instead of 3:30, for example.
  • Live park on Antietam Street and have your student walk up to meet you
  • Park in Museum Lot (P5) and have your student walk over to meet you



School Begins at 8:30 am Please plan to get your children to school by 8:25 am so they may be in their advisories by 8:30 am. Students not in their Advisory Room by 8:30 should stop and SIGN-IN at the Main Office.

Procedures for Calling in Late Arrivals, Absences, or Early Dismissals School attendance is taken and records are reviewed daily. Parents or guardians must notify the school on a daily basis. Please let the office know of an absence before school starts. In addition, students under the age of 18 who leave early should always be signed out by a parent or other designated adult.

The attendance line is available 24 hours a day: 978-772-3293 ext. 1

In the case of a prolonged absence, the student’s parents should notify the Principal or designee in a timely manner. It is not appropriate for a student to call him or herself in late or absent. Parents are notified if their child is not present and the school has not received any prior notification regarding the absence. Teachers take attendance in every class and notify the School Office if any student is missing.

Carpool Pick-Up & Drop Off Routines: Morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up are the most congested times on Parker's campus. This traffic plan is designed to reduce congestion, improve safety and convenience, and share the available parking resources fairly. We count on voluntary compliance with these Community Norms. If you have questions, please contact Nicky or Todd.

Student Directories Parker Student Directories will be available in the front office by the beginning of October at a cost of $3.00 each.

Keep Your Dishes! We appreciate the wonderful culinary skills throughout our community. We encourage the use of DISPOSIBLE containers whenever donating food items for potlucks, picnics, and parties! If you left behind dishes after the Div 1 Potluck, PLEASE pick them up immediately!

CORI and RMV Status Remember, if you've had a CORI through Parker recently, it is good for THREE years. If you are planning to be a volunteer driver, we need an RMV check yearly, and an updated copy of your driver's license whenever it expires. 


Thank you to the family of C. J. Martin for their contribution of school supplies to Student Services!


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