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Milestones at Parker

Parker Families:

The Parker School's mission is “to move the child to the center of the education process and to interrelate the several subjects of the curriculum in such a way as to enhance their meaning for the child”…the Parker School will realize this mission through educational practice guided by the Ten Common Principles of Essential Schools” (Charter, October 1994). 

This week, as students discuss their Personal Learning Plans (PLP’s) with family and advisors, they are literally and figuratively at the center of the educational process. 

PLP Day is both a milestone in the Parker calendar and one of the school’s distinguishing features: it’s a chance for the adults who know each student best to come to a common table and hear the student’s best thinking about learning goals for the year, witness the act of setting a growth agenda, and develop collaboration strategies to help the student pursue the goals.  Thank you for participating in PLP Day and for helping to accompany Parker students in the journey of becoming their best selves!

Like all charter public schools in Massachusetts, Parker must make an application for charter renewal every five years.  We’re in the middle of that process now. Last summer we submitted a written application to the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) and will host a one-day site visit on Monday, November 4. DESE staff will take the site visit report, four years of student achievement data, Parker’s annual reports, and many other sources of data and evidence to prepare a Summary of Review for the Commissioner of Education. Commissioner Riley will then make a recommendation to the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE) about charter renewal; the BESE vote is likely to be in February 2020.

Great turnout for the first of our Community Conversations in Concord last weekend! More opportunities in other communities are coming up in October and November. The goals of each Community Conversation are the same:

  • Build community among participants

  • Celebrate our connection to Parker and its history

  • Visualize an improved learning environment for all students and teachers

  • Understand how to create change to ensure Parker's continued success 

Please join in the Community Conversation this fall! Sign up for the date and location that works best for you.



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