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The Class of 2019


Sophia Nora Allard

Erek Perth Beganski

Gabriel LaBollita Blake

Samantha Maie Brody

Cyrus Robert Nomar Brown

Milo Andrew Eames Brown

Asher Steven Brownson

Audie Nicholas Casello

Ethan Michael Chaco

Ann Paxton Chagnon

Rachel Tegan Marie Chasse

Lian Patricia Clancy

Matthew James Copeland

Noah Wagner Daniels

Jackson Robert Dee

Katelyn Ann Desjardins

Catrin Ann Doherty

Ava Sophia Downey

Jillian Arlene Evans

Melody Willow Farrell

Nolan Patrick Faucher

Theodore Paul Fleming

Adam Daniel Freidel Gaposchkin

Alison Michelle Hannon

Adeline Angelica Hebert

Josiah Alan Henshaw

Julia Rose Henshaw

Emma Katherine Kane

Nina Marie Keith

Patrick Ryan Kennedy

Angela Marie Lalli

Kristen Taylor LeBlanc

James Wallace Lottes

Garrett Walter Mallinson

Cole Robert Manning

Julia Elena Marín

Isaiah Tucker Martin

Samuel Mayer Svarczkopf

Matthew Peter McNamara

John Paul Monsen

Patrick Nascimento Moura

Adam Robert Mula

Leo Andre Narbonne

Myranda Aurora-Lee Nasworthy

Rachael Saunders Pember

Micah Oscar Pflaum

James Kinsler Phelps

Dontano William Whitehouse Rinaldi

Alexis H. Roach

Michelle Renee Roche

Caroline Rose Sullivan

Ryan Christian Thomson

Maximilian Tickner-Ernst

Chelsea Ann Tierney

Lauren Barbara Underdown

Searra Rae Vandall

Sophie Nina Wanzer

Amanda Catherine Wilson



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This Week's Headlines Summary 

August 15, 2019
Details regarding Division 1 Orientation, the New Students Potluck, Meeting the ECO Rep, and an overview of the REGISTRATION process...
June 7, 2019
If you have not yet had a chance to donate, WE NEED YOUR HELP! Every donation, no matter the size, makes a big difference...
August 15, 2019
Deadlines for the Div 1 Trip to Becket and Div 2 Trip to Boston...
June 7, 2019
PLEASE arrange for a parent/guardian or responsible adult to pick up any unused medications on or before noon on the last day of school, Thursday, June 13th...
March 29, 2019
Most are FREE and open to the public. Date and time subject to change!
August 15, 2019
Please direct any questions to the Athletic Director...
January 3, 2019
The Parker School has published our policy and our compliance...
June 7, 2019
It was an honor to work with the Class of 2019, and inspiring to hear your speeches at graduation...
August 15, 2019
Are you looking for a carpool ride or riders for an existing Parker Carpool?
June 13, 2019
This MART service includes a stop HERE at the Parker School!
July 31, 2019
Essential Question: A broad question around which a large part of a year's work is organized; a question that helps to focus work across the domains.
July 31, 2019
A collection of quotes expressing the thoughts of Ted and Nancy Sizer.
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