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Call for Nominations to the Board of Trustees


Call for Nominations to the Parker Board of Trustees

To the Parker Community:

The Governance Committee of the Parker Board of Trustees is now accepting nominations for new Trustees and committee members.

We believe Parker would benefit from additional outside perspectives with expertise and commitment to diversity, fundraising and social justice.  You are invited to nominate yourself or someone else that you believe would be an excellent trustee for Parker – someone able to think strategically, asking deep and thoughtful questions as part of a team, and someone who is willing to be a steward of the school, fully committed to holding Parker true to its mission while helping us move forward and execute the school’s strategic plan and achieve its advancement goals. 

New Trustees would begin serving a 3-year term in the fall and monthly Board meetings typically occur on the second Tuesday of each month during the school year. In addition, Trustees are expected to participate on at least one Board committee.  Some may be considered potential candidates for Board officer positions.  Also, as part of our collective responsibility to ensure that adequate resources are available for the school, individual Parker trustees are expected to lead by example by participating in the Annual Fund during their terms and by including Parker as one of their philanthropic priorities.

We would like to hear about all potential candidates for consideration as a Trustee on the Parker board, or as a committee member, now or in the future. Subcommittees include: Finance Committee, Development Committee, Facilities Committee, Governance Committee, and the Enrollment Committee.

Our specific goal for next year’s Board is to identify candidates who enhance the skills, qualities, and perspectives of the current Board of Trustees.  We are particularly interested in those:

  • familiar with developing strategic partnerships and with capital campaigns and fundraising, especially those from outside organizations
  • with facilities project management experience
  • with graduate school connections
  • with non-profit development experience.
  • nominees from areas outside of our local region, particularly Worcester and the surrounding towns. 

As a Board, we are committed to enhancing the diversity of perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences that are represented.

Nominations can be submitted to any member of the Governance Committee (names and contact information are listed below).  To share a potential nominee with us, please provide us with the following information:

    • the full name of the person you are recommending
    • a paragraph describing why you believe this person will be an effective trustee for Parker
    • a way for one of us to contact you to follow up if necessary

It would also be helpful for us to know whether or not you have let the person know that you are nominating them. 

Nominations must be received no later than Friday, April 28, 2017 to be considered for next year’s Board of Trustees. The Governance Committee will then meet to review all submissions and to develop a list of recommendations for the Board to consider and vote on at its June 2017 annual meeting, since all trustees must be elected by the Board. 

If you have any questions about the nomination process, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you!

The Governance Committee of the Parker Board of Trustees

Christine Regan Davi  (Chair)           ( )

Laura Warner              (Co-Chair)     (

Matt Lindsey                                     (

Jeannie LaPlatney                             (

Lauren Mountain                              (

Todd Sumner             (Ex-Officio)   (




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Regularly scheduled meetings of the Parker Board of Trustees are held in Room 27 at the Parker School from 6:45 PM until 9:00 PM.
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