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Community Connections - May 13

Community Connections Week 8

Cindy Johnson

This week’s Community Connection is brought to you by Cindy Johnson from Parker’s front office.

Parker Fun

During PLPs, we heard from many students about how much they miss the social aspect of school.  While we hope that more and more of you will join in on the “live class” sessions many of your teachers are offering (for some social learning opportunities), we also recognize that just “hanging out” is important but might feel hard to organize.  Therefore, for these last few weeks of school, we are organizing some purely social opportunities for students.  Each week, we will publish a list of whole school and division-specific opportunities.  Below are the social gatherings for the rest of this week.  LINKS to these events will go to STUDENT emails.  The list below is for reference only – students will have to go to their email to get the direct link to join a meeting – this is a safety measure to ensure these events remain private for Parker students only.

Senior Exhibitions

Senior Exhibitions begin this week!  Senior Seminar teachers have worked hard to figure out how to support Seniors in achieving this important milestone in the virtual Teams space.  Exhibitions will happen over the next three weeks, primarily on Wednesdays and Fridays.  Each senior chose how widely they wanted to share the invite to their Exhibition – one option was to invite the whole school community!  Each Wednesday and Friday, we will publish a list of that day’s Exhibitions in these community emails.  If the Exhibition is open to the whole community, you will see a shared link -- please feel free to join as an audience member for those!  For Gatewaying students, this will also give you some sense of what the Gateway technical format will look like.  [Please note that these links will be in the EMAIL you receive, but will NOT be posted on the website, as we don’t want to make the links overly public and thus open ourselves up to “Zoombombing.”]

Congratulations to today and tomorrow’s Exhibiting Seniors!
Wed., May 13
10:00 AM
Riley P
Animal Behavior/Emotions
10:00 AM
Anna S
Restorative Justice
11:00 AM
Emma O
11:00 AM
Maddy S
Social Media Influencers
1:00 PM
Megan H
Rock Climbing
1:00 PM
Aaron P
Rube Goldberg Machines
3:00 PM
Sydney K
Indoor Gardening
3:00 PM
Tommy H
Making My Own Skis
Thurs., May 14
11:00 AM
Mia L
Eco-friendly Jewelry
Senior Project Spotlight

This week we are spotlighting some senior projects from John’s Senior Seminar.

EQ: How can traditional techniques be applied to contemporary art?

Sonia knew she had an interest in art and that she wanted to do something creative for her product.  She initially planned to focus on oil painting and portraiture and focused her research on 19th Century European art along with the technical aspects of painting with oil.  After a lengthy search for places to learn art, she found an opportunity to study at the Academy of Realist Art Boston, an atelier “modeled after 19th century French Academies.”  This shifted the focus of her project and resulted in the drawings shown here (the third piece being a self-portrait that is in progress).


EQ: How can photography impact people?

Luke knew from the beginning that he wanted to do something with photography, and he chose to focus on nature photography early in the year.  After some preliminary research, he first narrowed to animal photography and finally to working to document dogs in animal shelters with the goal of inspiring others to adopt shelter dogs.  Luke independently contacted area shelters to set up visits and take pictures.  For his product, he assembled a book of his photos that demonstrate the techniques he learned and convey the beauty of the dogs and the importance of adoption.


EQ: What are the challenges faced by parrots, and what are we doing to help them?

Alex knew that she wanted to pursue a project that would engage her lifelong interest in and passion for learning about, working with, and helping animals and wildlife.  She chose to focus on parrot rescue and conservation and, through hard work and careful planning, arranged an internship at a parrot rescue facility in Rhode Island and a trip to Costa Rica to work with two different rescue and conservation organizations there.  Her product is a 140 page(!) book (with her own photographs and original text) about her learning and experiences.


New Self-Directed Learning Resources

Submissions are welcome!  Send us photos.  Did you capture a beautiful scene while on a hike? A funny pic of a sourdough bread failure?  A craft project that you are particularly proud of?  We would like to see and share with the community.  Send it to Carolyn at

Highlights on the Self-Directed Learning Resources page for this week include:

  • Local Hikes
  • Trustees at Home
  • Draw with Us
  • San Diego Zoo


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