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Home Learning Plans - May 4

Home Learning Week 7

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End of Year Timeline

Welcome to May!  We know there have been some questions about how the school year will end, so (though we do not yet have all the details worked out yet) we want to let you know what we do know about the end of year timeline.  Our current Home Learning format will continue through Week Eleven, which takes us to Friday, June 5, when regular classes will end.  Beginning the week of June 8, we will transition to a “Gateway Days” format where, just like if we were at school, the days will look a bit different, as we make time and space for students to share their gateway exhibitions with teachers, advisory-mates, friends, and family.  Note that advisory will continue through to the last day of school, which will be Thursday, June 18.  We are working on plans to honor the spirit of our traditional “Big End” – the last day of school celebration. 


We hope you all were able to have meaningful conversations in your PLPs last week.  If you have not yet scheduled a PLP or missed yours last week, please follow up with your advisor to set a meeting time!  There are five weeks of Home Learning and then two weeks of Gateway Days left in the school year – we hope that you got some good energy and specific plans from your PLP conversations to take you through the end of the year.  This quote, from Mary Anne Radmacher, seems appropriate at this moment: Courage does not always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, 'I will try again tomorrow.’

Click on links to see assignment overviews


Please join your advisory for its weekly Team meeting(s)!  Be sure to use your advisor, as needed, to implement your goals/next steps for the remainder of the school year, as determined in your PLP meeting last week. 

Division One

Div 1 MST – all classes

Div 1 AH – all classes

Intro to Spanish

Spanish 1A (“8th”)

Academic Support

Wellness – Physical Activity and Health

Division Two

Div 2 MST – Forensics (Math AND Science)

Div 2 MST – Genetics (Math AND Science)

Div 2 AH – all classes

Spanish 1B (“9th”)

Div 2 Spanish

Academic Support

Div 2 Wellness – Physical Activity and Health

Division Three

Div 3 MST – Financial Math

Div 3 MST – Calculus

Div 3 MST – PreCalculus

Div 3 MST – Trigonometry

Div 3 MST – Chemistry

Div 3 MST – Animal Biology

Div 3 MST – Physics

Div 3 AH – American Dream

Div 3 AH – Sculpture

Div 3 AH – American West

Div 3 AH – Pop Culture

Div 3 AH – Election 2020

Div 3 AH – African American Experiences

Div 3 AH – Memoir

Div 3 AH – Essay

Div 3 AH – City on a Hill

Div 3 Spanish

Academic Support

Wellness – Physical Activity

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