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Home Learning Plans - April 27

Home Learning Week 6

Welcome back from “vacation” – we hope you were able to use the last week in whatever way you needed to (relax, catch-up, reset, etc.) and that you feel ready to engage or re-engage with school as we all return to Home Learning.  As we launch our sixth week of Home Learning, we now know that this is the format that school will take for the rest of the school year.  For some students, new school-at-home routines are feeling developed and ready to use for May and June; we applaud your successes so far!  For other students, we know you are still struggling to set up habits, patterns, and mindsets that will allow you to engage with school.  Please know that your teachers/advisors really want you to reach out to them if you need help (and in most cases, they have already reached out to you multiple times – just respond to one of their emails!!).  Martin Luther King, Jr. has a lesser known quote that says: “you don’t have to see the whole staircase -- just take the first step.”  If you are stuck, please communicate with your teachers/advisors and identify just one step you can take.  If you feel behind or don’t know where to start, again, your teachers will work with you to help you identify one thing you can do to get started.  You can do this.  One step at a time.  

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This week, we hope each family has a PLP scheduled with their advisor.  Please email your advisor if you do not yet have one scheduled. Advisories will continue to meet one or more times a week – please continue to use your advisor for questions, help, support, or to get you connected with others who can support you.

Division One

Div 1 MST – all classes

Div 1 AH – all classes

Intro to Spanish

Spanish 1A (“8th”)

Academic Support

Wellness – Physical Activity and Health

Division Two

Div 2 MST – Forensics (Math AND Science)

Div 2 MST – Genetics (Math AND Science)

Div 2 AH – all classes

Spanish 1B (“9th”)

Div 2 Spanish

Academic Support

Div 2 Wellness – Physical Activity and Health

Division Three

Div 3 MST – Financial Math

Div 3 MST – Calculus

Div 3 MST – PreCalculus

Div 3 MST – Trigonometry

Div 3 MST – Chemistry

Div 3 MST – Animal Biology

Div 3 MST – Physics

Div 3 AH – American Dream

Div 3 AH – Sculpture

Div 3 AH – American West

Div 3 AH – Pop Culture

Div 3 AH – Election 2020

Div 3 AH – African American Experiences

Div 3 AH – Memoir

Div 3 AH – Essay

Div 3 AH – City on a Hill

Div 3 Spanish

Academic Support

Wellness – Physical Activity

Wellness – LAP (same as prior week)

Senior Seminar: your Senior Seminar teacher will email you directly

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