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Community Connections - April 15

Community Connections Week 5

Hello from Sheila

This week’s Community Connection is brought to you by Sheila Kelly—Parker’s School Counselor. She wishes everyone well and shares some helpful links—which can also be found on her webpage—along with some other useful resources.

Senior Project Spotlight

In the midst of Home Learning, seniors have been working hard to finish their senior project products. Tonight would have been our annual Senior Project Exhibition Night where the class of 2020 would have shared those products and the foundational learning, experiential learning, and collaboration they’ve engaged in all year. In lieu of that, we will be spotlighting a few senior projects each week in the Wednesday Community Connections. This week’s projects are from Debbie O’s Senior Seminar.

EQ: How can I create eco-friendly jewelry that raises environmental awareness?

In the hopes of educating others about the huge problem of trash in our world, Mia sought out ways to reuse and recycle plastics, aluminum cans, and paper to make eco-friendly jewelry. She worked alongside two artists and ended up designing her own line of earrings called Repurposed.

EQ: How can I design and build a Rube Goldberg machine?

Fascinated by the artistry of Rube Goldberg cartoons since he was a kid, Aaron set out to design his own Rube Goldberg machine, a deliberately over-engineered machine that performs a simple task in a complex fashion. His product, which you can see in this video, involves a series of simple machine chain reactions that result in a fireplace bellow blowing out candles on a cake (candles/cake not yet included in this video).

EQ: Why is origami so cool?

Determined to have a senior project that was hands-on and allowed him to be creative, Elliott chose to delve into origami, the art of paper folding. He joined a monthly origami group at the Littleton library and folded dozens and dozens of creatures and geometric objects, many of which you can see in the photos below. Inspired by an origami artist that created an exhibit of 100 different origami elephants, Elliott chose to fold a series of birds and then create his own bird design (the blue one at the bottom!) for his final product. 


New Self-Directed Learning Resources

Highlights on the Self-Directed Learning Resources page for this week include:

  • Free online photography classes for adults
  • On Being Project
  • Fun experiments
  • Cheetah Cub Cam
  • New multi-screen music videos

Do you have a video, photos, or other content for this page to share with our community? Send it to Carolyn at

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