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Community Information - April 10

Community Information Week 4


“…Grappling is necessarily a balancing act. One is trying to do what one has never done before and learning more about what one wants to do…Each task is doable but difficult; each requires that the student put him or herself firmly on the line…The first step in creating such a demanding curriculum is to believe it can be done. Wise schoolpeople and parents should not underestimate the power that they can find in young minds, bodies, and hearts…”

Ted & Nancy Sizer, The Students Are Watching: schools and the moral contract (Beacon, 1999)

Parker Families:

        For many in the Parker community, this week may feature the first “Virtual Seder” or “Zoom Easter Dinner” as families extend social distancing protocols into spring holiday gatherings.  But for our students, this is the end of FOUR WEEKS of Home Learning, in which they’ve demonstrated their resilience, creativity, and appetite for challenges!  Parker is not about to underestimate the power in their minds, bodies, and hearts!  I’m so proud of our students for grappling with the “doable but difficult” tasks my colleagues have designed for them during Home Learning.        

        Here are the topics we’re providing new information about this week:

Be safe and well, Todd.

Spring Personal Learning Plan Conferences

We are hoping to schedule spring Personal Learning Plan (PLP) conferences on Friday, May 1.  More information here.

Gateways and Graduation

We realize that extending the period of campus closure raises questions for seniors planning to graduate and students who were planning to hold their Gateway Exhibitions in June.  This week we published answers to those questions on the Home Learning FAQs pages.

Week 4 Update:  It is our intention to act in abundant good faith on behalf of student learning and progress while balancing both the extraordinary situation that students are facing and Parker’s core principles, including performance-based promotion.  In a school founded on the concept of evidence-based learning, readiness to move to the next division of study is shown through skills-based portfolios.  Therefore, we will still expect gatewaying students to complete portfolio-eligible work that shows they can consistently meet the standards of the division.  Some requirements for those portfolios may be revised for Spring 2020.  While we cannot guarantee student success or engagement, teachers are committed, ready, and available to support all students who would like to make progress this spring!  If you feel stuck, please reach out to your advisor for support in making a plan!

A message from School Counselor, Sheila Kelly:

This week’s mental health and emotional well-being message is Some Thoughts on Gratitude.

A message from School Nurse, Lisa Zick:

My note this week focuses on the surge, how to wear and make face masks, and the silver lining.

Parker’s Digital Library

Summer begins early with Sora Sweet Reads. Learn more here.

Update: ECO Raffle Basket Fundraiser

Publicizing ticket sales for the raffle is currently on pause- but the above link will remain live if people are looking for something fun to do.  All tickets that have been purchased are in the appropriate baskets just waiting to be picked.  When we return to campus, we will have an additional ticket sales window.  After that time, we will pick winners and be able to safely deliver those prizes to the recipients.  We are currently reaching out to the businesses who donated to the raffle to ensure that all prizes will be able to be used once our quarantine has been lifted.  If you have additional questions, contact Katrina at

Reminder: Technology Support During Home Learning

Students can access technical support from Travis and Wesley from home by emailing or Setting up a Remote Support Session.

If you are experiencing challenges with your personal device and/or experiencing stress from sharing a device with siblings or other family members, sign up to get a school-issued device on Tuesday morning between 10 am – 12 pm.  Travis will work with you to determine an exact pickup time to limit exposure.  Click here to complete a Laptop Request Form and here for the Internet Access Request Form.

Access Office applications on personal devices:
Windows/Mac - Download from – login using your Parker credentials and use the “install office” link in the top right corner.
Teams - Android | iOS | Windows | Mac
OneNote - Android | iOS | Windows | Mac
OneDrive - Android | iOS | Windows | Mac
Office (Word PowerPoint Excel) – Android | iOS


If you have a question about:

Please contact:

a specific class or assignment

the teacher of that class (see Parker email list here)

our approach to Home Learning (or ideas to share!)


technical support


If you need to share information or access services about:

Please contact:

your family’s health information


mental health/emotional support needs


food insecurity/free and reduced school lunch needs


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