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Home Learning Plans - March 30

Home Learning Week 3

Highlights for this week:

  • Shifts to Home Learning approach, starting this week:
    • Increasing interactivity (videos, class discussions, opportunities for student collaboration/interaction)
    • Wednesday is now a “self-directed learning” day instead of a class day:
      • Resources to come soon to assist individuals in pursuing a new interest, hobby, etc.
      • Teachers will take Wednesdays as a teacher prep day and not assign Wednesday lessons; student can use it as a catch-up day or to pursue “self-directed learning”
  • Reorganized Home Learning website
  • Gateways and Graduation
  • Links to Home Learning Plans for Week Three!
Home Learning Shifts: Week Three

The faculty continues to benefit from your feedback while they also climb their own learning curves (especially with new technologies) to make Home Learning as “Parker-like” as possible.  This week features two adjustments to our approach to Home Learning. 

  • #1: Teachers are working hard to learn and incorporate new class formats, including video lessons, synchronous class discussions using Teams (meaning students are logged on at the same time to talk together), and asynchronous class “discussions” (using the OneNote Collaboration space, Flipgrid, and other tools that don’t depend on students all being logged on at the same time).  Many of you will experience this week as more interactive, though some teachers were experimenting with these tools already in the last two weeks.  We encourage you to be patient with yourself, your teachers, and your peers as everyone learns to use these new tools. We are always open to your feedback (that includes what IS working for you as well as changes you might like to see).  We will be introducing additional new online collaboration tools in the weeks ahead.
  • #2: We will be making Wednesday a teacher planning day going forward.  This means that teachers will not give new lessons on Wednesdays, and they will not have “office hours” or be available via video conference on Wednesday.  [Advisories that already had Wednesday advisory meetings scheduled for Wednesdays may still have those – your advisor will let you know about that, as relevant.] 
    • As students, we hope you use Wednesday to catch up on any work you haven’t been able to do yet AND we are encouraging you to try out (and share!) some self-directed learning on Wednesdays.  This Wednesday, we will launch a resource page and a longer introduction to this plan, so be sure to check out Wednesday’s email for more details! 
    • Why are we doing this? 
      • Moving school online has been a big change and a lot of work for everyone, and we need to think about sustainability for all of us.  As Home Learning is now a long-term solution for school this spring, we need to give teachers a little more time and space to do the work of Home Learning, as well to do the intensive collaboration required to learn new tools and figure out how to adjust curriculum/assessments accordingly.  Teachers/advisors are also spending more time supporting individual students (because you are doing such a good job asking for help, which we want to encourage you to keep doing!!), and so they need more dedicated time in the week to be able to do the prep work required for continuing to do school as best we can! 
      • At the same time, many of you (students, parents) have shared with us that you feel overwhelmed with the reality of trying to do school at home, so we want to build a little catch-up and breathing time in your week as well!  If you were hoping for more work, instead of less, rest assured that as we move forward, teachers will be suggesting extension options that you can pursue on Wednesdays, if you like.  And, we are excited about all the new things you might learn to do independently (again, more to come on Wednesday about this!).

As we keep saying, please be in touch with your teachers; if the pacing or timelines aren’t working for you, all you need to do is email your teacher and let him/her/them know so they can work with you to make a plan that will work for you.  If you are only now getting started with Home Learning and aren’t sure where to start, email your teacher! 

Reorganized Home Learning Website

We are actively reorganizing the Home Learning website for ease of accessing information.  Parker’s current and archived Monday, Wednesday, and Friday communications will all be there, along with resource links (including Sheila’s mental health letters), and contact information for various school services.  Coming soon will be an FAQ section and the new “self-directed learning” resources.  You can access the Home Learning site from the Parker homepage using the dropdown menu on the top of the screen or the graphic “four-square” icon on the right of the page.  The Parker website is a little slow, so please be patient.

Gateways and Graduation

We know you have questions about Gateways and Graduation, and we will have some clearly articulated guidance on that available by the end of this week.  We are working hard to balance and honor both Parker’s performance-based promotion principles with the realities of the Home Learning environment.  In the meantime, the best thing you can do (if you are worried about your anticipated June gateway or graduation) is engage with the work your teachers are putting out for you as best you can.  If you feel stuck, please reach out to your advisor for support in making a plan!

Click on links to see assignment overviews


Advisors will continue to check in with their advisees via email and web conferencing, including one or more “live” advisory meetings per week!  If you/your student is struggling to organize time, get work done, or self-initiate, we ask you to please reach out to your advisor for support!

Division One

Div 1 MST – all classes

Div 1 AH – all classes

Intro to Spanish

Spanish 1A (“8th”)

Academic Support

Wellness – Physical Activity

Div 1 Wellness – Health Class

     Div 1 Wellness – Health Class (extension activity)

Division Two

Div 2 MST – Forensics (Math AND Science)

Div 2 MST – Genetics

     Math link

     Science link

Div 2 AH – all classes

Spanish 1B (“9th”)

Div 2 Spanish

Academic Support

Wellness – Physical Activity

Div 2 Wellness – Health Class

Division Three

Div 3 MST – Financial Math

Div 3 MST – Calculus

Div 3 MST – PreCalculus

Div 3 MST – Trigonometry

Div 3 MST – Chemistry

Div 3 MST – Animal Biology

Div 3 MST – Physics

Div 3 AH – American Dream

Div 3 AH – Sculpture

Div 3 AH – American West

Div 3 AH – Pop Culture

Div 3 AH – Election 2020

Div 3 AH – African American Experiences

Div 3 AH – Memoir

Div 3 AH – Essay

Div 3 AH – City on a Hill

Div 3 Spanish

Academic Support

Wellness – Physical Activity

Wellness – LAP (same as Week Two)

Senior Seminar: your Senior Seminar teacher will email you directly

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