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Community Information - June 12

Community Information Week 12


“…The issue of race lay barely below the surface. The economic divide between black and white—and all that that symbolized—was immense here, and growing…The unfairness made me shudder. Could we white Americans ever have the courage to acknowledge this blatant distortion of the American creed and do something about it?...”

Ted Sizer, Horace’s School: redesigning the American high school (Houghton, 1992)

Parker Families:

Congratulations to students who presented their Gateway exhibitions this week!  And best wishes to those students who will be presenting next week!

Earlier this week at their monthly public meeting, Parker’s board of trustees adopted a resolution affirming that Black lives matter, the full text of which is linked here.  The faculty and staff have been working this week on a statement that will be distributed to the community separately from this routine weekly email update.

In keeping with Parker tradition, the rising seniors have gathered to articulate two school-wide Essential Question options for 2020-2021.  Current students and staff will choose between:

  • “How do we stand up for what is right?”
  • “How do we rise to the challenge?”

Like most districts in the Commonwealth, we are developing plans for reopening that fall along a continuum from (left to right): pre-COVID normal; hybrid socially distanced in-person & remote; full remote. DESE will provide guidance over the summer about the “guardrails” for each option, but we know enough now to begin planning.  Currently, the staff is actively engaged in reflection on the spring’s Home Learning to harvest lessons learned and incorporate those lessons into our thinking for the fall.  Students and parents will be invited to contribute to the reflective work in year-end surveys and, as the planning work unfolds in the coming weeks and months, to contribute then as well.  As a community we’re going to have to tolerate ambiguity about what next year can look like for some time yet:  I acknowledge that that’s not comfortable for everyone; we will continue to share our work as it evolves and strive to communicate effectively with all constituencies of the school.

Here are the topics we’re providing new information about this week: 

  • Yearbooks
  • Friday Note from Sheila
  • A Word from Nurse Lisa
  • Parker’s Digital Library

Be safe and well, Todd.


Yearbooks have arrived and can be picked up at the school next Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday between 9am and 3pm. Please pull up to the curb in front of the school and wait in your car for someone to help you. Yearbooks that are not picked up next week will be mailed home. For those who are interested, Jostens is offering a free digital yearbook signing platform this year. After registering at, students can send their unique personalized web link to friends, essentially asking them to sign their yearbook. At that point, friends use the online platform to select fonts, colors and stickers to write a note to the person who requested it. Pages can later be downloaded and printed. 

From Sheila Kelly, the School Counselor

This week’s mental health and emotional well-being message is: Thoughts on Community.

Students who would like an appointment with Sheila can email her directly at

From Lisa Zick, the School Nurse

Lisa’s note this week asks for SNAP health portal beta-testers and talks about staying the course and remaining optimistic.

Parker's Digital Library

Book Returns – All books checked out from the library can be returned whenever school reopens.  Due dates are extended to a date TBD.  Just tuck those books in a safe place where they won’t get lost.

E-books are always available through the Parker library webpage and through Sora.  The log in for both (they are the same system) is your Parker email address and student ID number.  If you have any problems, let Carolyn know! 

The Librarian is In – Contact Carolyn at to see what’s newly released and to find your next great read or if you need help accessing a specific book.

Technology Support During Home Learning

Students can access technical support from Travis and Wesley from home by emailing or Setting up a Remote Support Session.

If you are experiencing challenges with your personal device and/or experiencing stress from sharing a device with siblings or other family members, sign up to get a school-issued device.  Travis will work with you to determine an exact pickup time to limit exposure.  Click here to complete a Laptop Request Form and here for the Internet Access Request Form.

Access Office applications on personal devices:
Windows/Mac - Download from – login using your Parker credentials and use the “install office” link in the top right corner.
Teams - Android | iOS | Windows | Mac
OneNote - Android | iOS | Windows | Mac
OneDrive - Android | iOS | Windows | Mac
Office (Word PowerPoint Excel) – Android | iOS


If you have a question about:

Please contact:

a specific class or assignment

the teacher of that class (see Parker email list here)

our approach to Home Learning (or ideas to share!)


technical support


If you need to share information or access services about:

Please contact:

your family’s health information


mental health/emotional support needs


food insecurity/free and reduced school lunch needs


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