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Home Learning Plans - May 26

Home Learning Week 10

Highlights in this message:
  • Gateway Information
  • Senior Project Exhibitions
  • Social Opportunities (Parker Fun!)
  • Live Class Sessions
  • Links to Home Learning Plans for Week Ten
Gateway Information

Students (and their parents) who are preparing for a June gateway received an email Monday asking for information to assist with Gateway scheduling and technology support.  Thanks to those of you have already responded.  Please check your email and be sure to click on the survey link to share the requested information with us if you haven’t had a chance yet.  Thanks.

Senior Project Exhibitions

Senior Project Exhibitions continue this week!  Look for emails with the Wednesday and Friday lists of seniors and links for public exhibitions.  If you are gatewaying in June, we definitely recommend that you view one to get a sense of how virtual exhibitions feel!

Social Opportunities (Parker Fun!)

Here is this week’s Parker Fun list – purely social opportunities to talk, play games, and connect with peers/teachers.  This week’s sessions are listed here (or click on the thumbnail to the right).  The LINKS can be found in an email sent just to students on Monday morning.

Live Class Sessions

Here is the list of LIVE CLASS sessions this week.  Click here (or on the thumbnail to the right) to see the full calendar of this week’s live classes.  Meeting links and further directions are in your class instructions/OneNote.  Note that this list does NOT include advisory, which all students also have one or more times a week!

Click on links to see assignment overviews


Please join your advisory for its weekly Team meeting(s)!  Be sure to use your advisor, as needed, to support you in implementing your goals/next steps for the remainder of the school year. 

Division One

Div 1 MST – all classes

Div 1 AH – all classes

Intro to Spanish

Spanish 1A (“8th”)

Academic Support

Wellness – Physical Activity and Health

Division Two

Div 2 MST – Forensics (Math AND Science)

Div 2 MST – Genetics (Math AND Science)

Div 2 AH – all classes

Spanish 1B (“9th”)

Div 2 Spanish

Academic Support

Div 2 Wellness – Physical Activity and Health

Division Three

Div 3 MST – Financial Math

Div 3 MST – Calculus

Div 3 MST – PreCalculus

Div 3 MST – Trigonometry

Div 3 MST – Chemistry

Div 3 MST – Animal Biology

Div 3 MST – Physics

Div 3 AH – American Dream

Div 3 AH – Sculpture

Div 3 AH – American West

Div 3 AH – Pop Culture

Div 3 AH – Election 2020

Div 3 AH – African American Experiences

Div 3 AH – Memoir

Div 3 AH – Essay

Div 3 AH – City on a Hill

Div 3 Spanish

Academic Support

Wellness – Physical Activity

Senior Seminar: your Senior Seminar teacher will email you directly

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