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Home Learning Plans - March 16

Home Learning Week 1

It is our hope that all students will engage with the learning provided to them by their teachers, as specified in the list below.  In this list, you will find links to “Home Learning” plans for each division/domain.  Each link will bring you to summary information; most of those instructions then provide additional links to pages/resources with more directions and information.

A few notes:

OneNote/Class Notebook: Most teachers will refer to work that is on OneNote or in the “class notebook.” This is a Microsoft 365-based resource that students have regularly been using in school; they should already know how to access this resource for each class, and it can be accessed from home.  OneNote works best when downloaded to the computer, rather than when working on the web-version (  Email if you need help.  (See our previous email for info on how to obtain a school laptop or internet hotspot if you need these resources.)

Access to Teacher Support: Teachers are available for questions and support as students work on these assignments, and they have all indicated how/when they can be reached for help (email is generally the first step).  Students can follow directions from their teachers for how to access these supports.  Many teachers are already experimenting with virtual meetings as a way to support students, while other teachers are offering good-old-fashioned phone calls!

Email: We will be relying on email as a primary means of communication – students, please check your Parker email daily!  Families, please support your student(s) in checking their email daily during the school week.  (Note that all community emails will also be posted to the school website for easy access.)

Click on links to see assignment overviews


At a minimum, advisors will check in with their advisees twice during this first Home Learning Week: once at the start of the week (to make sure advisees understand how to access the coursework their teachers are preparing) and once at the end of the week (to see how advisees are progressing on that work). That communication will initially be by email. If advisors don’t hear back from advisees by email, they may reach out to them or to their parents in another way.  Please note that details about rescheduling the Spring PLP conferences will be determined at a later date.

Division One

Div 1 MST – all classes

Div 1 AH – all classes

Intro to Spanish

Spanish 1A (“8th”)

Academic Support

Wellness – Physical Activity

Div 1 Wellness – Health Class

Division Two

Div 2 MST – Forensics

     Math link

     Science link

Div 2 MST – Genetics

     Math link

     Science link

Div 2 AH – all classes

Spanish 1B (“9th”)

Div 2 Spanish

Wellness – Physical Activity

Academic Support

Div 2 Wellness – Health Class

Division Three

Div 3 MST – Financial Math

Div 3 MST – Calculus

Div 3 MST – PreCalculus

Div 3 MST – Trigonometry

Div 3 MST – Chemistry

Div 3 MST – Animal Biology

Div 3 MST – Physics

Div 3 AH – American Dream

Div 3 AH – Sculpture

Div 3 AH – American West

Div 3 AH – Pop Culture

Div 3 AH – Election 2020

Div 3 AH – African American Experiences

Div 3 AH – Memoir

Div 3 AH – Essay

Div 3 AH – City on a Hill

Div 3 Spanish

Academic Support

Wellness – Physical Activity

Senior Seminar: your Senior Seminar teacher will email you directly

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