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PLP Conferences FAQs

PLP Conferences FAQs

What’s the plan for rescheduling PLP conferences?

We are hoping to schedule “revised” PLP conferences on Friday, May 1 (the week after April vacation).  Your advisor will be in touch next week to schedule a convenient time (or alternate day if needed) for this meeting.  We do anticipate “cancelling” a day of classes to provide the time for teachers to do these conferences, just like we would if school were in session.

How will you do the PLPs? 

As much as possible, we will hope to do a web-based conference with the student, advisor, and at least one parent/guardian.  If this is not possible, we can do phone calls.  We understand that each family will have a different level of availability, and we will work hard to accommodate your schedule and preferred mode of communication. 

What will be the focus of the PLP conversation?

The focus of these PLP conversations will be a bit different than a typical March PLP meeting.  Our hope is to have a conversation about how Home Learning is going for you/your student, what goals you/your student is working towards in Home Learning (including gateways, as relevant), and to support you/your student in creating or maintaining whatever routines are needed for success throughout the remainder of the school year.  While some PLPs will reference pre-existing PLP goals, these may not be the focus of the conversation for all students.

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