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June 2020 Graduation and Graduation Requirements FAQs

Graduation Requirements for Class of 2020 FAQs (SENIORS only)

Do I still have to complete my service hours?

For June 2020, the service hours requirement for graduation will be waived.  Students will have the number of service hours recorded (as of March 15) on their final reports, but students will not have to hit the target number in order to earn a diploma.  (Similarly, service hours for juniors will be noted on the final report, but incomplete hours from the junior year will not roll-over to the next school year.)

Have the Graduation Portfolio requirements changed?

In short, no.  Seniors who seek to earn the diploma will still need to show that they are meeting standards in 9 of 12 skill areas.  However, below are three requirements that have adjustments for Spring 2020:

  1. Completing all required coursework (informally known as “passing the class”)

    Seniors may use skill-area pieces that are meeting standards in their portfolio as long as they have completed related formative/content work (as specified by the teacher) even if they have not completed other major coursework in that class
  2. Seniors earning a “meets piece” to “pass the class”

    Please see Course Completion and Final Narratives FAQs for a description of how completion of coursework will be communicated.  Earning a “meets piece” is not required for seniors who do not need one for their portfolio.  However, note that the quality of work you do create will be noted in your final course narrative.
  3. Late work eligibility for portfolio-use

    While due dates are still being provided for assignments, we will not designate or invalidate “late” work for portfolio use for seniors.  However, in order to use a piece in their portfolio, students need to be in communication with their teacher about requesting deadline flexibility.
Have the Senior Project requirements changed?

In short, no.  Seniors still need to meet standards on their Foundational Learning and their Product in order to earn a diploma.  Many seniors will need to scale back their final product plans, and you should already have been in communication with your Senior Seminar teacher about these details.  A “good faith” Senior Exhibition is also required.  We are working on details of what those Senior Project Exhibitions will look like (and the timeline for them may also be pushed back a week or two), but you can still expect to share your Senior Project learning and journey (virtually) with an audience in the month of May!

Will we have a Graduation Ceremony?

Of course!  We will apply our usual Parker creativity to figuring out a Graduation Ceremony that honors the Class of 2020!  While we do not believe that we will be able to have the Commencement ceremony that we are used to, we will create some sort of unique and special opportunity to celebrate our seniors.  We have all kinds of ideas, but we can’t make these decisions yet, as we don’t know what will and will not be allowed/sensible by June.  It is also possible that the date of the ceremony will have to change.  But, we are absolutely planning to have Graduation in some way, shape or form!

What if I have not completed all my graduation requirements by Graduation?

This is an area where we will deviate from our normal practice.  In the past, it has been true that seniors must have completed ALL requirements in order to participate in the Graduation Ceremony.  Given the extraordinary circumstances of this spring, it is our intention to design a Graduation Ceremony that celebrates all members of the Class of 2020, whether those graduation requirements are complete or not.  Therefore, for this year only, students who have not yet earned a diploma may participate in the ceremony.  After the Graduation Ceremony date, any student who has not yet earned a diploma can continue to work towards this goal.  As has always been the case, a student in this situation will enter into an agreement about how the remaining requirements will be fulfilled, and once the graduation requirements are complete, the student will earn the diploma.  For a small number of students under extreme emotional pressure, they may elect to take the HiSET (GED) instead of completing Parker’s graduation requirements.  These students are still eligible to participate in the Graduation Ceremony, though they will not earn a Parker diploma.  Individual students who would like to consider this option should check with Missy about college acceptance implications of this decision, which are up to the individual college.

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