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Division 3 Specific FAQs

Division 3 Specific FAQs

Under normal circumstances, Division 3 classes have slightly different requirements than other classes in the school.  The FAQs on this page are specific to those classes and requirements this spring.

Div 3 classes normally have “required coursework” that students must do in order to successfully complete the class.  What will happen to those requirements during Home Learning?

It is our hope that all students in Div 3 classes engage with the coursework provided during Home Learning to the best of their ability and as their individual circumstances allow.  New learning, practice with concepts/skills, and graduation portfolio pieces will all continue to be offered, and we encourage students to continue to do the best work they are able to this spring.  Update: We WILL use the pre-existing language of whether ‘required coursework’ was completed or not, though we have significantly reduced what is required for this designation.  We have sent out specific information to all Division 3 students, and your teachers should have this information available to you in your class OneNote.  You can refer to that email/your teachers for more information.  During the PLPs coming up at the end of April, we will ask students to discuss and set goals/priorities about their engagement with their advisor and families.

What effect will Home Learning have on my college transcript and narrative?


There are two things you need to be thinking about: 1) fulfilling remaining graduation requirements and 2) what the college you plan to attend says.  So far, most colleges have told us that what they want to know is if you have met the school’s graduation requirements.  However, any individual college can set its own requirements, so we cannot promise that they will lift their expectation that you “earn credit” for all classes or expect to see a final ELA class, etc.  Your classes will still earn an overall designation that signals work completion and a narrative that describes work quality.


It is worth noting that there will still be a narrative statement of your work in each class and your (college) narrative summary will incorporate the narratives from this Spring.  If you are able to engage with classes, the description of your work offers an opportunity to distinguish yourself in your college narrative.  If you are not able to engage effectively, your college narrative will not penalize you for this, but it does put greater emphasis on the work you did prior to this Spring.

If I am struggling, what do you suggest about how to prioritize my time?  Can I drop some of my classes so I can focus my attention on others?

Students who are feeling overwhelmed MUST be in conversation with their advisors/teachers to access possible work reductions.  If you are feeling overwhelmed by the demands of Home Learning (and/or the larger context of our current situation), what you really, really need to do is reach out to your teachers and advisors so they can help you.  Teachers have some discretion to alter the amount of work required for you to be considered “substantially engaged,” but they can only engage in this conversation with you if you reply to their attempts to be in communication with you.  In particularly extenuating circumstances, advisors can seek permission from the Academic Dean to allow a student to drop a class. 

What is the minimum I have to do in each class to avoid an NSC (not satisfactory completion) on my college transcript?

Minimum required course completion has been specifically outlined for each Division 3 class, and you received an email with this information.  It is also posted in your class OneNote.  If you do not complete all these modified course requirements, this means that you did not substantively do the learning expected, and there will be an NSC next to this class on your transcript (functionally, this means ‘no credit’ for the college audience).  (Alternately, you will be allowed to request to have the course removed from your transcript, which will show a reduced course load for the semester; a reduced course load generally needs to be explained to a college in one’s application, but under current circumstances, it is not an unreasonable move, if needed.)  Why do we need to make this designation?  Once a student is in Division 3 classes, the transcript lists classes with specific content areas.  If we list a course, that implies that the student understands the associated content.  We appreciate that Home Learning and the larger cultural context we are in right now is stressful for students, and, at the same time, we have a responsibility to communicate with outside audiences about the learning a student has done.  If we list a course in your spring semester as complete, it needs to mean that you meaningfully engaged in the learning offered.  As we said above, there will be a process to have a class removed from your transcript, and there is a process to request to drop a class.  Please reach out to your advisor with questions.

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