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Course Completion and Final Narratives FAQs

Course Completion and Final Narratives FAQs

It’s April.  Will you be doing 3rd quarter progress reports?

We will not be publishing our typical 3rd quarter (April) progress reports.  Instead, teachers and advisors are communicating directly with each other and students to monitor and encourage engagement with Home Learning.  Advisors emailed students and cc’d parents during the week of March 30th with a status check.  We will repeat this routine periodically during Home Learning.  Additionally, we will hold our postponed PLP conferences in late April (see PLP FAQs).  Finally, teachers are still completing rubrics and giving feedback on strengths and next steps for each major assessment, and this information is available in the Portal (and in student OneNote) as it always has been. 

How will this spring’s academic work be captured in the June final reports (“report cards”)?  Other schools are using Pass/Fail, for instance.  What will Parker do this spring?

Since Parker’s classes are ungraded and have always relied on narrative summaries of student performance to convey what a student has accomplished, we will use the same format as always.  However, in the chart below, we offer some (draft) shared language that we intend to use to convey 1) a student’s status prior to March 15 and then 2) what a student was able to do relative to Home Learning.


Will there be any effect on a student’s movement to the next “grade” or on their year of graduation?

All students will progress to the next “grade” unless the school and family specifically discuss a year of graduation change because of pre-existing or extenuating circumstances, separate from the events of Spring 2020.  See Gateway FAQs for more information about a student’s progression through the divisions, which is different than their grade level/year of graduation.  Pre-existing school guidelines about eligibility for the “sophomore” and “senior” years still apply (completion of AH and MST in Div 1 or 2, respectively); note, however, that these are relevant to only a tiny number of students.  We will be directly in touch with families where this is an area of concern.

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