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Home Learning

Home Learning Week 13

Highlights in this message:
  • This Week
  • Essential Question
  • Student Year-End Survey
  • August “sign-ups” for Div 3
  • Summer Communication
This Week

This is the last week of school! 

Monday and Tuesday will continue as Gateway Days, where an email is sent to students each morning with the day’s Gateways and some suggested enrichment learning opportunities.  Just like if we were at school, students have the opportunity to attend Gateways of fellow students who have either specifically invited them or of students who have opened their presentations to a wider audience.  It is our hope and expectation that each student will attend at least ONE gateway a day as part of their daily school experience.  In addition to attending Gateways, we hope students check out the enrichment activities and suggestions sent in the email for things that they can do, read, make, watch, play, try and learn about.  It is our hope that students will explore these resources (now or anytime this summer!) and find some things they think are interesting, thought-provoking, and/or fun. 

Wednesday is our final “self-directed learning” day of the year.  There are a very small number of postponed gateways happening on this day, by invitation only.

Thursday is the last day of school!  All advisories will meet in the morning for a final wrap-up to the year and our “Big End” done Home-Learning-style.  It will include a tribute to the graduating Class of 2020, the results of next year’s Essential Question vote, a celebration of gatewayers, and other traditional components of the Big End.  Your advisor will email you and let you know what time your advisory will meet.

Essential Question

Speaking of the EQ – students, please check your email for a link to hear about and then vote on next year’s Essential Question.  The email came on Saturday morning from Monique.  Results will be announced on Thursday.

Student Year-End Survey

In last week’s Monday email, we explained the importance of the Year-End student survey.  A little more than half of our students have taken it.  If you have not yet done the student year-end, please do that this week.  A reminder email will go out directly to all students who have not yet done the survey, and that email will contain a reminder of the code you need.  Parents, if you can ask your student to be sure to do the survey, that is much appreciated.  Details about the year-end parent/guardian survey will be coming out later this week.

Div 3 Course Registration

If you will be in Division 3 classes next year, please note that we will register for those classes in August.  There are some years where we register students in June, but this is not one of those years!  We will be in touch via email in August to let you know how/when to register for your fall classes.

Summer Communication

This is the last Monday email about your classes for this school year.  We will continue to be in touch regularly about next year over the summer, but not with the frequency that we have communicated about the academic program during Home Learning.  Please stay tuned for future emails with important information and questions about next year.  Have a great summer!

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