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The Waitlist and Backfilling

The Waitlist and Backfilling

Students who have gone through the application and lottery process, but who have not received an offer of admission are placed on a grade-level waitlist for the upcoming school year. If additional openings arise, enrollment will continue from the waitlist of the grade in which the vacancy was created. Three waiting lists will be formed if the number of applicants in the enrollment process exceeds the number of available spaces—one for siblings of current Parker students, one for residents of the Parker region, and one for non-residents of the Parker region. The waitlist will reflect the order in which students were drawn in the lottery. Parker maintains this waitlist only for the school year for which the student has applied. Each year, applicants must reapply and go through the lottery to be considered for a future year’s waitlist. There is NO rollover from year to year on the waitlist. The school is required to maintain and report accurate records of its waitlist, including students’ names (first, middle, last), dates of birth, cities or towns of residence, and grade levels.
When a student is offered a spot at Parker, they become admitted students. Admitted students may accept or decline the spot they have been offered. Admitted students who accept the offer of a spot at Parker become enrolled students on the first day of school they attend. Admitted students who decline the spot they are offered are removed from the wait list for the school year. Students who decline an offer of admission but who wish to be on the waitlist for future years must reapply for admission each year and go through the full application and lottery process described above. When a student with an offer of acceptance declines the offered spot, the waitlist process will continue until the vacant seat is filled. No student may be admitted ahead of other eligible students who were previously placed on a waitlist during a prior enrollment process, except in cases where enrollment preferences change and in accordance with 603 CMR 1.05(10)(b).

When an enrolled student withdraws from Parker during the school year, the next available student on the waitlist for that grade will be offered a spot in grades 7, 8 or 9. In these grades, the school is required to attempt to fill that vacant seat through February 15. A vacancy in grades 7 or 8 that continues or is created after February 15 and is not filled by the end of the school year will be filled for the following school year in the subsequent grade. Enrolled students who withdraw may not be readmitted without going through the full application and lottery process described above.

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