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Weekly Information for October 28th

Weekly Information for October 28th
Dear Parker Students, Families and Staff,

We appreciate all the students, peer mentors and staff who helped to make the Div 1 trip to Nature’s Classroom a fun and meaningful experience. Thank you to all the families for your trust and support. We all took a leap this week and it paid off!

We ended the week with a terrific Community Gathering, a monthly opportunity to celebrate our students and come together as one school. We welcomed everyone back from Nature’s Classroom, celebrated the winners of the Junior Class Gourd Challenge and appreciated our students’ creative writing talents. We are so proud of all our students!

We are grateful for the support and energy coming out of the enrollment brainstorming meeting last week. As I wrote previously, we face an enrollment challenge for the first time in many years. This is not an immediate crisis nor a threat to our charter. But every student below our chartered enrollment of 400 is a student who would have made our school stronger, more vibrant and more diverse. We have fewer resources and less opportunity to grow as a community. It is our top priority to attract and retain a diverse and engaged student body.

Most families report that they learned of Parker by word of mouth. So we need your help to spread the word. Our first brainstorming meeting generated great ideas, including the creation of ambassadors who would help to promote Parker online and in-person in their town. We will explore this idea more deeply at our next meeting.

Please join our enrollment meeting on Thursday, November 3rd at 6:00 PM in the Parker Library. We will also share a link for anyone who prefers to join remotely. Please RSVP to Monique at [email protected]. If you are unable to attend but you want to share your thoughts and get involved, please email us.

Finally, we are in the process of creating taglines to be used on lawn signs and flyers. We are thinking about putting three or four signs in a row, so we need multiple taglines. Thank you to everyone who shared their creative suggestions. Please tell us your favorites or propose new ones. All ideas are welcome! Click on this link to view the taglines and vote. We will share the results at Thursday’s meeting and finalize the list.

Have a great weekend everyone. See you Monday.

This week’s topics:
  • Hello from the Bus!
  • Nov 1st Parent Workshop
  • Nov 3rd Enrollment Planning
  • Div 1 Parent Social
  • SEPAC (ParkerPac)
  • Last Call for Calendar Art
  • Dental Care at Parker
  • COVID-19 Information

Hello From the Bus!

Division One is headed back from our reinstated biannual Fall trip. We just drove down the driveway, seeing many a student hand bidding their farewells to the fabulous Nature’s Classroom teachers with whom they have bonded over the last few days. Despite our rainy arrival, we spent the last two and half days romping through the leaves, trying to catch them when they cascaded through the air, challenging ourselves (by choice, of course!) on the low ropes, learning fascinating facts about the natural world in our special interest classes, and sharing delicious meals together in the dining hall.

Each morning, our advisories got together in their Field Groups and with a Nature’s Classroom teacher; they built fires, developed trust in themselves and each other, while as a group making it through the Spider Web. While in this group, students also explored the ever-popular pond, that was home to many a salamander, frog, and turtle.

On Thursday afternoon, students opted into special interest classes. Some of the highlights were building a geodome that they could climb on, exploring a coyote den, and a class about infectious disease called Zombie Apocalypse.

Being a “waitron” was a highlight for many students, as they got to hold the power of feeding the masses and doing a little jive during the ORT report dance, an opportunity to learn more about conservation and the stewardship of our planet.

Last night, students demonstrated their theatrical chops in our traditional evening of student made skits AKA Thursday Night Live. The evening concluded with a Division I teacher skit, a good-hearted Peer Mentor roast of Parker teachers, and our days long favorite- a “Sing Your Face Off” rendition of Riptide.

Students seem happy and tired, but ready to share about their time with you. Thank you to all who made this possible: Peer Mentors who provided support, encouragement, and leadership; Parker teachers and faculty; and the folks at home who encouraged and facilitated your student to take risks and persevere through challenge to do this with us.

THIS TUESDAY! November 1st Parent Workshop

Please plan to join us for a Workshop on “Effective Parent Interventions to Support Student Anxiety and Distress” on Tuesday, November 1, at 6 PM (see flyer here). Outcomes for the evening include:

  • Normalizing emotional distress for students as part of the learning process
  • How adult attempts to support students in distress sometimes worsen emotional distress in the long run
  • How to provide supportive approaches to help children that aid them in persevering though emotional distress

Nov 3rd Enrollment Planning

We will continue our enrollment planning on Thursday, November 3, at 6:00 PM in the Parker Library with a remote option and welcome all who are willing to help and share their ideas. Please RSVP to Monique at [email protected].

Div 1 Parent Social - Coordinator Needed

A Div 1 dance is scheduled for November 18th from 6-8 PM. This would be a great time for parents to gather and connect socially. Would you be willing to coordinate a parent gathering during the dance? It could be at a local restaurant or at an area home. If you are interested in coordinating a parent social, please contact Dawn Van Patten [email protected].

SEPAC (ParkerPac)

Thank you to all who participated in the SEPAC meeting on October 19, 2022! We reviewed the results of the SEPAC Survey and started planning for the school year. Please email [email protected] if you would like to be a member of the SY2022-2023 SEPAC Board or would like to learn more about SEPAC. NEXT MEETING:   Wednesday, November 30, 2022, at 6:30 PM (REMOTE)  

In addition to the SEL Presentation scheduled for November 1, 2022, at Parker, there is a SEPAC Parent recommended Federation for Children with Special Needs (FCSN) Transition Conference to be held on November 4, and 5, 2022 (Virtually and In-Person). Click on the link below to learn more, and register for the event:

Last Call for Calendar Art!

If you’ve been meaning to upload or drop off artwork for next year’s Parker Student Artist Calendar, now is the time! Please upload an image of your artwork using this form or drop it off to Katrina, Cordelia, Marena or Sheila ASAP. For more information, see this flyer.

Dental Care for Students Coming to Parker

Reminder, students have an opportunity to receive dental care here at Parker School through the Caring for Kids program on Tuesday, November 22nd. All dental personnel will be vaccinated and screened prior to working on students. Please read about Caring for Kids and complete the documents by clicking HERE and return to Nurse Lisa as soon as possible. The dental program provides a dental examination, x-rays, fluoride treatment, sealants, dental education, teeth cleaning, silver diamine fluoride (as needed), and SMART restorations. There is no direct cost to the patient. However, if the child has insurance, the insurance will be billed. If you have any questions, please email Lisa Zick at [email protected]

COVID-19 Information

The following are positive cases in the Parker community from 10/21/22-10/28/22:

  • Staff – 0
  • Students – 3

Please click here for Current Health Office COVID-19 Protocols and Information.

Sports Schedule

Upcoming Dates of Note:


Nov 1

Parent Workshop


Nov 3

Enrollment Planning Meeting


Nov 8

Board of Trustees


Nov 9

Café Wednesday


Nov 11

Veterans Day – No School


Nov 18

Division 1 Dance


Nov 23

Noon Dismissal


Nov 24-25

Thanksgiving Break

Click here for the online calendar.

Looking for help with or information concerning:

Please contact:

a specific class or assignment

the teacher of that class (see Parker email list)

technical support

email: [email protected]

your family’s or student’s health

email: [email protected]

mental health/emotional support needs

email: [email protected]

food insecurity/free and reduced school lunch needs

email: [email protected]

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The Francis W. Parker Charter Essential School is committed to equal employment and educational opportunity for all members of the school community and prohibits discrimination on the basis of the basis of race, color, gender, pregnancy or pregnancy status, religion, gender identity, age, national origin, sexual orientation, homelessness, or disability, in the operation of the educational programs, activities, or employment policies.

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