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  Now accepting applications for students entering grades 7-9! Application deadline is February 1, 2022. MORE
Now accepting applications for students entering grades 7-9! Application deadline is February 1, 2022.

Family Information for September 3rd

Family Information for September 3rd

Parker Families and Friends,

We’ve just completed our first three days of school, the beginning of our 27th year!  We’re back on campus, wearing masks, and excited about exploring this year’s Essential Question, “Why Should We Care?”

Faculty and staff have been back for two full weeks.  During summer planning we focused on building community and teamwork among the staff, planning curriculum and instruction by domain, drafting advisory plans, and learning together.  Guided by the Ten Common Principles, our daily work and interactions were informed by deeply-held Parker values: collaborative design, teacher leadership; thoughtfulness; and equity.  Here are some of the first-order questions we grappled with during summer planning:

  • What are our theories of action when asking students to do hard things intellectually?
  • What skills, capacities, and habits do we want our graduates to exhibit?
  • What are the social and emotional demands of this moment and how can we help students meet them?
  • How can our practice reflect our commitments to anti-racism, equity, and democracy?

The voices of experienced Parker teachers blended with those of eight new colleagues, six of whom earned highly sought after teacher intern placements as members of the New Teachers Collaborative (NTC) this year.  Parker continues to be a school where adults learn and grow alongside their students.

Because Parker is held in high regard for its research-based design for schooling, other schools, districts, and organizations continue to seek our support to innovate their school’s work through the Sizer Teachers Center, which is co-located at Parker.  The Sizer Teachers Center provides professional development, coaching, and consulting support to domestic and international audiences and clients throughout the year.  Drawing on the strong experiences of Parker teachers and students, recent work includes helping a district redesign its summer school to be more engaging and project-based for students, and supporting nascent Advisory programs in both Maine and New Hampshire high schools.

I’m proud of what Parker students, teachers, and families were able to accomplish last year through such uncommon and challenging times.  Despite some persistent pandemic conditions, I’m excited to see what we can accomplish this year being back on campus and able to collaborate and learn in person!

Thanks for being part of the Parker story!


This week’s topics:
  • Meal Information
  • Asbestos Notice
  • Parker Life Reminders
  • Drop-off and Pick-up
  • Directory and Carpool List
  • Thank You!

Meal Information

In case you were not aware Parker is providing free meals to all students under the USDA’s Child Nutrition Programs (Seamless Summer Option). Children enrolled at Parker are eligible for these free meals regardless of eligibility through June 30, 2022.  Additional information is available on the cafeteria page of our website.

Unfortunately, there are shortages in the food supply chain nationwide.  Districts are experiencing unavailable items or last minute replacement/substitutions. Our cafeteria is dealing with items that have no substitution/replacement option and deliveries have been pushed out a day or in some cases several days. Hence, our menu is subject to change.  We will do our very best to notify you when there are changes. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work through these issues with vendors. We excited to continue serving delicious and healthy school meals this school year.

Click here for the September Menu which can also be found on the cafeteria webpage. Daily breakfast offerings will be a bagel, yogurt with granola, or cereal with milk, fruit, and a cheese stick.  A limited number of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches will be available as an option at lunchtime every day.


Asbestos Notice

Please see required annual notification regarding our Asbestos Management Plan.


Parker Life Reminders
  • School Begins at 8:30 AM. Please plan to get your children to school by 8:25 AM so they may be present in their advisories by 8:30 AM.
  • Calling in Late Arrivals, Absences, or Early Dismissals: School attendance is taken, and records are reviewed daily. Parents/Guardians must notify the school daily of any change in attendance. Please let the office know of an absence before school starts. The Attendance Line is available 24 hours a day [978-772-3293 x1]. In the case of a prolonged absence, the student’s parents/guardians should notify the principal or designee in a timely manner. It is not appropriate for a student to call themselves in late or absent. Parents are notified when their child is not present, and the school has not received any prior notification regarding the absence. Teachers take attendance in every class and notify the school office if any student is missing.


Drop-Off and Pick-Up Norms

Voluntary compliance with Parker’s published traffic norms helps accomplish three important goals:

  1. Always assure access by emergency vehicles
  2. Reduce vehicle congestion on campus and at the intersection of Antietam Street & Jackson Road and
  3. Improve pedestrian safety

Please continue to do your part by:

  1. Using the lot at P-5 on Antietam Street as a “cell phone lot” to standby until your student is ready
  2. Using Antietam Street as staging for carpools
  3. Making a right-hand turn ONLY out of the parking lot during peak traffic times


Student Directories and Unpdated Carpool List

The student directory and an updated carpool list will be available towards the end of September – beginning of October.


Thank You

Thank you to everyone who donated various supplies at the start of this school year. We appreciate our generous community!

Upcoming Dates of Note:



No School


SEP 14

Board of Trustees


SEP 23

Back to School Night



School Picture Day



ECO Meeting

Click HERE for the Online Calendar

Looking for help with or information concerning:

Please contact:

a specific class or assignment

the teacher of that class (see Parker email list)

technical support


your family’s or student’s health


mental health/emotional support needs


food insecurity/free and reduced school lunch needs


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