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Family Information for November 6th

Family Information for November 6th

This Week’s Topics:

  • Updated Meal Service Information
  • Campus-based Remote Classes
  • Stuff that Matters
  • Café Wednesday
  • Student Art Calendar for Sale
  • Senior Project Community Connections
  • Regional Pod Information Collection
  • Materials Pick-Up
  • Attendance
  • Information Pages

Updated Meal Service Information

Parker is participating in a school meal program through a waiver in a USDA program that provides breakfast and lunch (at no cost) to any students ages 0-21. If you are interested in this program, please click here for information about service at Parker (and other locations throughout the state). It is helpful to us if you SIGN UP for the program via this link so that we can anticipate numbers of meals needed: Student Meal Registration. On Tuesday, students or parents will be able to pick up breakfast and lunch for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. On Friday, students or parents will be able to pick up breakfast and lunch for Friday and Monday. Pick up hours are from 7 – 9 AM on Tuesdays and Fridays. Meals are picked up on the left side of the school near the loading dock, as it is the closest entrance to the school kitchen. Students do not have to be present for meal pickup. Please fill out the form above to select the days you would like your child to receive free meals, as it will better help us plan to have enough food available to those interested. Note that the program rules require us to provide meals on a first come, first served basis, so filling out the form allows us to better anticipate need. Any questions, contact Michelle McKenna

Campus-based Remote Classes

We are running a small pilot program where a limited number of students come to campus to do their remote classes each day. To be clear, there is no onsite instruction – all classes are still online. Students who participate in this pilot are in a room together at Parker (socially distanced, with masks, and following safety protocols) with one to two adults (not their own teachers) who serve as proctors. As proctors, the adults help students follow safety protocols and problem-solve, but they do not provide additional academic support or instruction. Free lunch is available, though students can also bring their own food, of course. If you believe your student might be a good candidate for doing their remote classes at school, please contact Deb Merriam ( for more information. Note that spaces are limited, and priority will be given to students who fall into categories determined by DESE guidelines. If you express interest, we will provide more information about those priority categories, etc. as well as how the program operates overall.

Stuff that Matters

"Stuff that Matters," is a series of short videos tackling mental health topics impacting students. Sheila Kelly, Parker's School Counselor, is happy to accept topic ideas from parents and students at This week's topic is “Resilience.”

Café Wednesday

The Café Wednesday Crew is looking for performers and content for the first virtual Café Wednesday being held on November 18th. If you like making funny jokes or are willing to perform a special talent, this is the place for you! We’ve had musical numbers, dancing, lettuce parties, cereal eating, rap battles and more! We’re also looking for your funniest Parker videos or photos to showcase during the event! Go through your camera roll and find the best moments of Parker (school appropriate, of course) to share. Click here to sign up. Alternatively, if you have some hilarious jokes you can click here to submit them. We will have a very special performance night on Teams filled with live performances and video submissions, and we look forward to seeing you there!

Student Art Calendar for Sale

Art Calendar Sample.jpgThis year, in lieu of the Art Sale, we are creating a fabulous 2021 wall calendar featuring student artwork. All artwork is the creation of Parker students and focuses on this year’s essential question, “How do we stand up for what is right” with a focus on the concept of HOPE. We HOPE that our community will come together and purchase these very meaningful wall calendars to honor student work and raise funds for the school! Calendars will be available for pick up by December 17th — just in time for the winter holiday season. To support Parker Arts and Our Essential Commitment Fund, click here to order by December 1st.

Senior Project Community Connections

Don’t forget to share your ideas, resources, contacts or other helpful information which can help the seniors move forward with their senior projects. Click on the following link which includes each Senior's name, their Advisor, their topic idea, and a link to the senior's "elevator speech". Respond with ideas to a few seniors or all 58! Remember to click submit when you are done!

Parker Senior Project Community Connections: Share your ideas, resources, contacts!

Regional Pod Information Collection

Reminder to families interested in forming small town/regional social/learning pods. The school is coordinating the collection and sharing of names and contact information of families who might be interested in talking to each other about this option. Establishing these pods is entirely up to the families involved. If you are interested in having your name/contact info on this list, please contact Monique Beganski at for more information.

Materials Pick-up

Currently available for pick-up:

  • Div 1 AH reading packet (Myths & Legends)
  • 8th Grade Spanish book (Llama en Lima)
  • Other Spanish books as indicated by your teacher


Please be sure a parent or guardian leaves a message on the attendance line BEFORE 9:00 AM [978-772-3293, ext. 1] with the student’s name and reason for absence from class.

2020-2021 Information Pages

Click here for the 2020-2021 school information pages including FAQs, technical support guidance, and the Wednesday Flex Activity information. If you have a question you would like to see addressed on these pages, please email it to

Upcoming Dates of Note

Tue – NOV 10 — Board of Trustees
Wed – NOV 11 — Veterans Day Holiday
Wed – NOV 18 — Café Wednesday
Wed – NOV 25 — Noon Dismissal
Thu – NOV 26 — Thanksgiving Break
Fri – NOV 27 — Thanksgiving Break
Tue – DEC 1 — ECO Meeting

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