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Family Information for March 26th

Family Information for March 26th
Parker Families,

As promised, we’re putting out a lot of details this week about what the full time return to in-person learning at Parker will look like.  Many of these important details are conveyed in a series of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) that can be accessed here.

As of Monday, April 26, Parker will resume a full five-day in-person class schedule.  The overarching schedule/school day will be similar to our routines pre-pandemic (though some daily details will be different than pre-pandemic days):

  • On Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, the school day will run from 8:30-3:30.
  • Wednesdays will be an early release day (to allow for faculty meetings in the afternoon), so students will be at school from 8:30-1:30.

Families will have the option to declare that they will access a remote schooling option for the eight weeks that remain in the school year (that’s how much school is left once we return full-time).  Please see the new full return to school FAQs for more detailed information about the return-to-in-person plans.  Please use THIS SURVEY to let us know about your family’s school model choice.

This week’s topics:
  • Hybrid On-Campus Info
  • Final Days for Yearbook Orders
  • Our Essential Commitment Fund
  • Spring Sports
  • Student Food Security and Meal Pick-ups
  • Tracking COVID-19 Numbers at Parker
  • Pooled Testing
  • Health Office Reminders
  • Travel Information

Hybrid On-Campus Info

On-Campus Lunch (free, to be ordered in morning advisory):

  • Ravioli with Red Sauce OR
  • Tomato, Mozzarella and Pesto Sandwich

Both with milk and side dishes.

In the three weeks left to our hybrid one-day a week program, please note that some classes that have been remote so far will start to be offered live, such as some Spanish classes and 7th Seminar.  Not all Spanish classes will be live, but some will be, and we anticipate that more classes will be live each week between now and the vacation.  Students at home will still be able to access Spanish remotely.  Wellness teachers will also start to offer some outdoor activities to Division 1 and 2 students during their Flex block.

Please note that a free cold brown bag breakfast (generally cereal or bagel or yogurt) is available to students on their on-campus day from 8:10-8:30. Students can stop by their assigned lunch space (Auditorium, Gym, or Room 62) before advisory if they would like to eat breakfast before school starts.

Final Days for Yearbook Orders

Reminder to order your yearbook by this coming Monday, March 29th: Complete order here
Contact Ashley at with questions!


Our Essential Commitment Fund

As of March 25, 2021, the Parker community has already contributed $184,000 to our annual fund! We are incredibly grateful. STAND UP FOR PARKER by making your donation using this link. Here are the thoughts from Lisa, a current Parker parent, on why she supported the fund this year: We give to Parker out of gratitude for what the staff and administration do for our daughter. The educational experience, personal relationships and community culture are what make the school special. We are happy to support Parker in any way we can.


Spring Sports Sign-Ups & Starting Dates

Reminder to email nurse Lisa Zick to sign up for any spring sport.

  • Softball and Baseball will begin Monday, April 5.
  • Co-op Lacrosse (hosted by Bromfield) will begin Monday, April 26.

State safety guidelines (masks, distancing) will be in effect, as well as sport-specific modifications.  Please email Athletic Director, Ben Benoit, with questions at

Sports User Fee Policy:

The User Fee is $300 per player, per sport** for Track, Softball and Baseball.  Checks can be made payable to Parker, or the online payment option can be used (on the school website under Students & Parents).  Anyone who desires a payment plan, or qualifies under the free/reduced school lunch program, should contact the business office prior to the season starting. **Lacrosse User Fee will be payable to Bromfield and is currently TBD.

Student Food Security & Meal Pick-Ups

Reminder to click here for information about food security and free student meal service at Parker (and other locations throughout the state).  Please SIGN UP for the meal pick-up program via this link so that we can anticipate numbers of meals needed: Student Meal RegistrationPick up hours are normally from 7 – 9 AM on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Tracking COVID-19 Numbers at Parker

Positive COVID-19 cases in the Parker community are reported to the Department of Secondary and Elementary Education (DESE), but if the individual has not been on campus, he/she poses no risk to anyone on campus and the data point gets screened out. We will now include weekly numbers of positive COVID-19 cases in this Family Information email. The following are positive cases in the Parker community from 3/20/21-3/26/21:

  • Staff – 0
  • Students – 0

None of the above have been on campus.  If there is a positive case on campus, all close contacts will be contacted immediately by Lisa Zick, School Nurse.


Pooled Testing

Participating individuals are tested individually once a week with a nasal swab test. Each person does a shallow swab of their own nose by rotating three (3) times inside each nostril.  A maximum of 10 swabs are mixed together into a group called a "pool" and sent out to a lab for a molecular PCR test and tested for COVID-19 at one time.

  • If the pool test comes back negative, all staff/students in the pool are COVID-negative. In this case, you will not hear from us.
  • If the pool test comes back positive, it means that at least one person in the pool is COVID-positive. In this case, all members of that pool will come back to school as soon as possible for an individual rapid follow-up test with the school nurse.

Pooled Test Results from 3/22/21-3/26/21:

  • # of pools = 38
  • # of NEGATIVE pools = 38
  • # of POSITIVE pools = 0
  • 29 Pending pools from last week were all negative.
Health Office Reminders

Please call or email the school nurse if any family member tests positive for COVID-19 or is a close contact to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19.  Lisa Zick can be reached at 978-772-3293 x135 or

Reminder that students should not come to school if:

  • the student or a family member living in the same household presents with COVID-19 symptoms
  • a student has been exposed to COVID-19 (close contact) and is in quarantine, regardless of a negative test result
  • a family member has been exposed to COVID-19 (close contact) and is unable to isolate from the rest of the family, regardless of a negative test result
  • a family member/student is AWAITING RESULTS of a COVID-19 test
Are You Planning to Travel Outside of Massachusetts?

Below are links from and the regarding travel during COVID-19:

Please reach out to Lisa Zick at if you have questions.

Upcoming Dates of Note:



ECO Meeting



Café Wednesday



Race & Equity Movie Night


APR 13

Board of Trustees


APR 15

Day of Silence


APR 16

Spring Break Noon Dismissal


APR 17

Parker Prowl Begins

Click HERE for the Online Calendar.

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