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Family Information for June 17th

Family Information for June 17th
Parker Families,

We had a great day for the Big End all-school gathering (outdoors) yesterday!  After celebrating all students who presented a Gateway Exhibition this year, learning about the school-wide essential question for 2022-2023 (“What Is Our Purpose?”), and hearing some brief remarks by the new Moderators (Max, Carl, and Caleb), we adjourned to food, frisbees, yearbooks, and well-wishing.  The soundtrack was provided by a live band—The Mad Era Band—which is anchored by the Madera and Morse families and complimented by Heather, Natalie, and Bradyn (thanks for playing!).  What a great send-off into summer break!  Have a great summer!

John Dewey once said of schools “What the best and wisest parent wants for his own child, that must the community want for all of its children…”  I think Parker is that school.  And it’s been a privilege to lead a mission-driven public school founded by parents, entrepreneurs, teachers, students, and the Sizers.  And in the end, the formula is pretty simple: Parker is designed for learning and fueled by love.  I did a lot of learning here and offered a lot of love.  This week I have felt a lot of love reflected back to me.  Thank you for all the kind words, gestures of appreciation, and moments of recognition.  I’m glad we had these eleven years together.  Thank you.

This week’s topics:
  • Our Gratitude
  • Annual Parent Survey
  • Communications Coming This Summer
  • Meetups with Brian
  • Laptops
  • Departing Students
  • Notice to 10th Graders
  • Sumner Fund
  • Parker in the News
  • Contact Info Update
  • Tracking COVID-19 Numbers at Parker

Our Gratitude

A HUGE Thank you to all the parents, guardians, alumni, friends, and other volunteers who contributed to Parker’s ongoing program in ANY way during this challenging year.  We could not have reached the finish line without your support, good humor, and enthusiasm.  Many thanks!

Annual Parent Survey

We NEED your input!  Each year, we ask parents/guardians to complete our Annual Parent Survey.  It will take about 15 minutes of your time, and your feedback is actively used!  Please follow THIS LINK to take the survey.  Your feedback is critical to our program – please make time to complete this survey at your earliest convenience. We appreciate families of recent graduates completing this survey as well.

Communications Coming This Summer
  • Final Narratives: On Friday (6/17), you received an email with your student’s final narratives (“report cards”) for the semester/year.  Please be sure to read them!
  • Summer “Mailing”: In early July, we will send (via email) the Summer “Mailing” which will contain important information about next year.  We try to be clear about what items require action versus are “for your information,” so please be sure to pay attention to the details which require action on your part before the new school year.  This communication also includes information about Summer Reading for students, as well as the survey you would use to make student placement requests for next year (different from the parent survey linked above that we ask you to do as soon as you can!).

Meetups with Brian

Brian Harrigan officially joins us on campus as Head of School on July 5.  He will send a letter to the community shortly thereafter to share his “entry plan” as he continues his learning about Parker.  We wanted to give you advance notice of one of those plans.  Current families are invited to attend an informal gathering/conversation with Brian at Parker on any of the following days/times: July 14 from 4-5, August 10 from 5-6, August 23 from 4-5.  At these gatherings, you will have a chance to meet Brian and get to know him a little, as well as to share with him your thoughts about what Parker does well and areas where you would like to see growth or change.  We will also host some of these sessions once the school year begins, but if you can join us this summer, please know you are invited!  You can contact Monique Beganski with questions or to let us know you plan to attend. RSVP is appreciated but not required.


Students will hold on to their devices (laptop, stylus, and power cord) over the summer and continue to use their assigned devices into subsequent years.  Students who are not returning or unenroll during the summer will be required to return their devices to the Tech Office. Students who are not able to take their devices over the summer (for instance, if you are moving and worried about it getting lost) may store their laptops with Monique.  Missing equipment can be purchased online: UniPay Technology Replacement Payment

Students NOT returning to Parker in the Fall (other than seniors)

If your students are not planning to return to Parker in the fall, we request you kindly do the following:

We wish you and your family all the best as you continue your academic journey. As always, please reach out if there are any questions!

Sumner Fund
  • Thank you to everyone who has supported The Sumner Fund this spring.  The First Impressions Project will break ground in Summer 2023 because of your generosity!
  • FYI - Sumner Socks are still available for all $50 or above donation to The Sumner Fund!  Click here to be a part of this important project.

Parker in the News

Please feel free to share this lovely article about Parker’s recent graduation on your social media to help spread the word about Parker: Parker Charter celebrates class of 2022

Contact Info Update

Do we have your CURRENT contact information? If you have changed your:

  • address
  • email address
  • home phone number
  • cell phone number

Please take a moment to send any changes to Cindy in the main office ([email protected]). We appreciate your time!

Notice to 10th Graders

Students entering 11th grade in the fall (current 10th graders) MUST have:

  • A current physical prior to entering 11th grade (dated after 8/31/21). Please send a copy of the physical as soon as possible if you have had a physical after 8/31/21.
  • 1 booster dose of meningococcal conjugate vaccine (Men ACWY) received on or after 16 years of age. One or more doses of MenACWY vaccine are acceptable as long as one dose was received on or after 16 years of age.

Meningococcal disease incidence peaks among young people 16-21 years of age. Implementation of a required booster dose of MenACWY vaccine for entry to 11th grade ensures that everyone is protected before entering the high-risk time period. While Massachusetts college entrance immunization requirements include MenACWY vaccine, young adults who do not attend college are also at increased risk for meningococcal disease.

Tracking COVID-19 Numbers at Parker

Positive COVID-19 cases in the Parker community are reported to the Department of Secondary and Elementary Education (DESE) and to Nashoba Associated Boards of Health which is our local board of health. The following are positive cases in the Parker community from 6/10/22-6/16/22:

Staff – 3 Students – 5

Upcoming Dates of Note


Jul 14

Meetup with Brian


Aug 10

Meetup with Brian


Aug 23

Meetup with Brian


Aug 31

Registration Day – First Day of School


Sep 1

Classes Begin


Sep 2

Noon Dismissal


Sep 5

Labor Day – No School

Click HERE for the Online Calendar.

Looking for help with or information concerning:

Please contact:

a specific class or assignment

the teacher of that class (see Parker email list)

technical support

email: [email protected]

your family’s or student’s health

email: [email protected]

mental health/emotional support needs

email: [email protected]

food insecurity/free and reduced school lunch needs

email: [email protected]

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