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Family Information for April 9th

Family Information for April 9th
Parker Families,

Thanks for taking the time to complete surveys and share your thoughts and plans with us over the past couple of weeks.  We’re heartened to know that approximately 95% of students are planning to return to in-person learning after April break!

It’s been a long and challenging year for students, staff, and families. For the whole world. There are signs of life and hope! Let me tell you about one, a temporary museum exhibition currently mounted in The Cube entitled “Alone/Together.”  Artifacts in the exhibition—the product of a senior’s year-long project—are organized thematically:  Finding Comfort; Care and Adornment; Digital Life; Togetherness.  Media vary:  photography, sculpture, fabric arts, painting, jewelry, recorded music.  As the senior & curator notes in a wall text:

…(During the pandemic) Whether they found peace in the mesmerizing movements of zentangle, created a comfort object, or returned to a nostalgic activity, creating was a way for Parker students and faculty to bring calm and joy into their lives…

The largest piece in the exhibit is a quilt cover, mostly spring colors—yellows and greens—created entirely during the pandemic.

This quilt was started right at the beginning of lockdown. Simone (the artist) remembers buying the fabric the day before everything shut down. Cutting the squares and stitching them together became a way to pass the hours. The long-term nature of quilting also gave her a goal to work towards, which felt important during the uncertain time of lockdown…

The quilt cover is a beautiful, coherent whole, assembled from fragments.  It took effort, imagination, persistence, skill, and struggle to create.  At any one moment in the preceding months its significance and integrity may have been difficult to see, but now, with the sun warming the Outback and students admiring it, the quilt cover shines.

It’s been pieced together.  So has this year for many of us.  I’m excited that this year will end, as last year began, with all of us together in person, making Parker happen each day.

Stay safe and well.
This week’s topics:
  • Noon Release on Fri, April 16
  • Before and After School “Reservations”
  • Hybrid On-Campus Info
  • Updated Carpool List
  • Back to School Supplies
  • Message from GSA
  • Youth Venture Special Event
  • Our Essential Commitment Fund
  • Student Food Security and Meal Pick-ups
  • Tracking COVID-19 Numbers at Parker
  • Pooled Testing
  • Health Office Reminders
  • Travel Information

Noon Release on Friday, April 16th

On Friday, April 16 (the Friday before vacation), we will have our customary noon release that precedes vacation weeks.  All classes will meet in the same order as usual, but the start/end times will be different than usual.  Teachers will send adjusted class invites to students, so their Teams calendars will have the correct timing.  This is just to make sure parents/guardians are aware of the schedule change for that day.

Before and After School "Reservations"

If you need to hold a spot in the supervised BEFORE or AFTER school space that we will provide for early drop-off or late pick-up, please CLICK HERE to complete a brief survey indicating your need for this opportunity.  Students can be dropped off no earlier than 8:10 and need to be picked up no later than 3:45.  If you need to drop off or pick up your student before/after those times, please complete this survey to reserve a spot in the supervised space.  Spaces are limited and must be reserved in advance via the survey.


Hybrid On-Campus Info

On-Campus Lunch (free, to be ordered in morning advisory):

  • Turkey Bacon Sub OR
  • Black Bean Burger (both with milk and side dishes)

Please note that a free cold brown bag breakfast (generally cereal or bagel or yogurt) is available to students on their on-campus day from 8:10-8:30. Students can stop by their assigned lunch space (Auditorium, Gym, or Room 62) before advisory if they would like to eat breakfast before school starts.

Updated Carpool List

An updated carpool list which includes student cohort is available in the school lobby at the office window. If you are unable to come in and pick a copy up, please email Cindy at to request a copy be mailed to your home.


Back to School Supplies

Please note that if your student already has and is using something from the supply list below for a particular class, they do NOT need another one after April vacation:

Division 1

  1. If you already have an assignment planner/calendar bring it – if you don’t, we will provide you with a version of one
  2. Clipboard (for Spanish) – flat clip is best for fitting into backpacks
  3. 1 folder with pockets (for Spanish)
  4. Composition notebook (for Spanish) – this will stay in the classroom and be used for 1-2 years
  5. Accordion folder (for MST) – ideally 8 or more sections
  6. 2 folders with pockets (for AH)
  7. Notebook (for MST and AH) – either composition or spiral (ideally with 2 sections, one for each class)
  8. Pencils – pencil sharpener would be helpful, too!
  9. Dry erase marker
  10. Colored pencils/markers

Division 2

  1. Clipboard (for Spanish) - flat clip is best for fitting into backpacks
  2. Several Folders with pockets or an Accordion folder
  3. Composition notebook (for Spanish) – if a student has a composition notebook from Spanish last year, they can reuse it
  4. Pencils and or Pens
  5. Small personal dry erase board & marker - most students have this already, please just have them bring it with them to school
  6. Colored pencils/markers - these are available in class, but having a personal set will minimize the need to sanitize between use
  7. Calculator (for MST) - if your student has one already, they should be sure to put it into their bag and bring it to school

Division 3

Upon returning to school after April vacation students will be expected to have with them the following materials every day for class: pencils/pens, paper, folder, binders or other organizational system which they otherwise would have with accompanying physical handouts for class, which have been given to them by their teachers. Additionally, student should bring their Parker issued laptop and charger every day.

Students of Trigonometry should also have:

  • Scientific calculator (ideally TI-83, but any scientific will work)
  • optional: colored pencils/markers (if you are someone who color codes)
  • optional: graph paper

Students in Ryan’s classes should also have:

  • Ruler, scissors, and erasers – helpful but not required
  • Film Class students need their phone


A Message from the Parker GSA (Gender & Sexuality Alliance)

The National Day of Silence is a student-led demonstration where thousands of LGBTQ+ students and allies in schools and colleges throughout the US and the world take a vow of silence to protest the harmful effects of harassment and discrimination of LGBTQ+ people in schools. Parker Charter School has been participating in the Day of Silence for over 20 years. On Thursday, April 15th, the Day of Silence will be experienced in hybrid mode (some students at home, some students at school). Students will use virtual backgrounds if they choose to participate or show support for the LGBTQ+ community. The Breaking of the Silence will be held immediately after school over Teams.

Youth Venture Special Event!

United Way Youth Venture has created a free virtual Healthy Minds Youth Conference scheduled for April 14th from 10-2.  Join for as little or as long as you would like.  All workshops will be recorded and can be watched at a later time.

Healthy Minds Youth Conference will be an interactive day with topics that cover mental health, social and emotional connections, fiscal health, managing stress, get moving and healthy cooking demonstrations, and so much more.  Use the link below for a list of workshops.  There will be over 50 presenters from 25 different north central MA organizations!  Healthy Minds: Well-Being for Well-Doing is a North Central MA-wide effort to bring health and real-world skill building opportunity to our Middle School and High School students!  Click here for more information and contact Carolyn Edwards( or Emilie Shannon( with any questions or if you are interested in registering for this unique event.

Our Essential Commitment Fund

As of April 8, 2021, the Parker community has already contributed $185,000 to our annual fund!  We are incredibly grateful.  STAND UP FOR PARKER by making your donation using this link Here are the thoughts from Mary-Wren, a Parker board member, on why she supported the fund this year:

So many schools talk about the Common Principles and believe they are the building blocks for truly educating young people.  However, few schools actually put them into practice due to a variety of factors.  I give to Parker because they ‘walk the walk.’  It is a shining example of how school can be enjoyable for students and faculty all while helping students learn to use their minds well, but more importantly, to become good people.

Student Food Security and Meal Pick-Ups

Reminder we will have modifications to the grab and go meals distribution at Parker with students returning to campus on a full-time basis.  Parker will continue to offer grab and go meal pickup through Friday, April 16th, the day before April break.  Meal pickup on Friday April 16th will include breakfast and lunch meals through April vacation week.  As you may already know, free meals to students have been extended through the school year.  When students return to school on Monday April 26th, free breakfast and free lunch will be available to them daily, if they choose to participate in the program.  Hence, we will no longer be offering curbside grab and go as we have been.  If you are a family that has chosen to stay fully remote for the remainder of the year, contact Michelle at if you wish to setup meals pickups.  We will be handling these requests on a case-by-case basis. Click here for information about food security.

Tracking COVID-19 Numbers at Parker

Positive COVID-19 cases in the Parker community are reported to the Department of Secondary and Elementary Education (DESE), but if the individual has not been on campus, he/she poses no risk to anyone on campus and the data point gets screened out. We will now include weekly numbers of positive COVID-19 cases in this Family Information email. The following are positive cases in the Parker community from 4/2/21-4/9/21:

  • Staff – 0
  • Students – 0

If there is a positive case on campus, all close contacts will be contacted immediately by Lisa Zick, School Nurse.

Pooled Testing

Participating individuals are tested individually once a week with a nasal swab test. Each person does a shallow swab of their own nose by rotating three (3) times inside each nostril.  A maximum of 10 swabs are mixed together into a group called a "pool" and sent out to a lab for a molecular PCR test and tested for COVID-19 at one time.

If the pool test comes back negative, all staff/students in the pool are COVID-negative. In this case, you will not hear from us.

If the pool test comes back positive, it means that at least one person in the pool is COVID-positive. In this case, all members of that pool will come back to school as soon as possible for an individual rapid follow-up test with the school nurse.

On occasion, a pool will be resulted as invalid which may be due to lab error or too much mucous in the tube.  In this case, Nurse Lisa will notify those who need to be retested.

Pooled Test Results from 4/5/21-4/9/21:
  • # of pools = 37
  • # of NEGATIVE pools = 37
  • # of POSITIVE pools = 0
  • # of INVALID pools = 0
Health Office Reminders

Reminder to please call or email the school nurse if any family member tests positive for COVID-19 or is a close contact to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19.  Lisa Zick can be reached at 978-772-3293 x135 or

Reminder that students should not come to school if:

  • the student or a family member living in the same household presents with COVID-19 symptoms
  • a student has been exposed to COVID-19 (close contact) and is in quarantine, regardless of a negative test result
  • a family member has been exposed to COVID-19 (close contact) and is unable to isolate from the rest of the family, regardless of a negative test result
  • a family member/student is AWAITING RESULTS of a COVID-19 test
Are You Planning to Travel Outside of Massachusetts?

Reminder below are links from and the regarding travel during COVID-19:

Please reach out to Lisa Zick at if you have questions.

Upcoming Dates of Note


APR 13

Board of Trustees


APR 15

Day of Silence


APR 16

Spring Break Noon Dismissal


APR 19-23

Spring Break


APR 28



APR 30

Spring Show



Spring Show



GSA Movie Night



Parker Prowl Begins

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