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in the morning announcements.

Lunch Menus

Sports Schedule

College Visits for Junior and Seniors: All college visits take place in the library, unless otherwise noted. Sign up for the visit on Naviance and be certain to have permission from your teacher before leaving class.

  • Monday, October 2nd - 11:00 AM – Hobard and William Smith Colleges
  • Tuesday, October 3rd – 1:15 PM – Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Health Office Mandated Screenings: As mandated by the State of Massachusetts, screenings for vision, hearing, height, and weight for all 7th and 10th graders will begin on Monday, October 2nd during Wellness class and continue throughout the week.

What is the Mental Health Matters Lunch Group? Every Friday in Room 6, students are invited to have lunch with Emilie, Sheila and Henry S. Sometimes, there is a topic such as "social anxiety" but many other times, people just bring up things that are on their minds. Getting support from peers is helpful because group members are going through some of the same (or similar) things you are. This is a drop-in group with no commitment to attend each week. You can also have lunch and listen - there is no pressure to share anything! So, if you would like to make some new connections and be in a friendly lunchroom with great conversation, come to MHM lunch group on Fridays!

Parker Afterschool Band: The Parker Band had a good turnout at our first informational meeting! Our rehearsals will begin Tuesday, October 3rd in Room 13. Students can plan to come to rehearsals every Tuesday and Thursday from 3:30-4:30 PM. We will run through our concert in mid-January, and we plan to offer another term of Band in the spring semester. You can drop your instrument off in Room 13 before advisory on rehearsal days if you’d like, and you can pay your activity fee by going to the Parker website and choosing the bill pay page. If you missed our first meeting, you are still welcome to sign up! Just visit Jim in Room 13 or Marena in Room 43.

Wings of Fire Club: Are you interested in the Wings of Fire book series? Look no further and join the Wings of Fire Club! We will meet Thursdays after school from 3:30-4:30 PM in the Library. We’ll draw characters and just talk about the books. If you have any questions, ask Bailey.

Important Lunch Program UPDATE: Please remember that there are signs up in the Café showing what makes a full meal for breakfast and lunch. If you don’t take items to complete a full meal, your account will be charged. Also, if you take items in addition to a full meal, your account will also be charged. Ask in the Café if you have any questions.

Do You Enjoy Poetry and Short Stories? Come join the Poetry & Short Stories Analysis lunch group! We meet every TODAY during lunch in Room 18. We may also do dramatic readings and skits or write our own! Starts Tuesday, September 26th. Non-committal – speak with Zi if you have any questions!

PROMCOMM! Our first Prom Committee Meeting will be on Friday, 9/29 at lunch in Room 1. This committee is open to Division 3 students who want to be involved in the planning and fundraising for Prom 2024. If you have questions, see this year’s Prom Queens: Julie (jcarr & Room 1) & Kristen (krabinowitz & Room 62). No commitment necessary this fall but stay tuned for the Community Elective in the second semester!

Mental Health Matters Elective/Week 1 TIP: Do you have a trusted adult at Parker? Do you have a trusted adult in your life outside of Parker? Friends are wonderful to talk with, but talking with an adult (a parent, relative, coach, teacher, counselor, therapist, etc.) can be helpful for a variety of reasons and in a variety of situations. Reach out if you need support! #mentalhealthmatters

LOST & FOUND Pickup: The Lost & Found Closet (across from Room 28) will be CLEARED OUT on Tuesday, October 3rd. Today is the perfect opportunity to check for and claim your items before they are taken away!

Bulletin Board in the Lobby Across from Room 1: Please visit the bulletin board in the lobby across from Room 1 to see what lunch groups are being offered. New lunch groups are currently forming. The bulletin board contains a wide variety of lunch groups -- join one and make some new connections at Parker!​​​