Division 2 MST Lab Using Gel Electrophoresis

What does it mean to "inherit a gene"?

In Tiff's Div 2 MST class, students acted as genetic counselors, creating multigenerational pedigrees of a fictitious family and analyzed the pedigree to determine which family members were good candidates for genetic testing. Students then performed genetic testing through DNA gel electrophoresis and analyzed the gels to determine who inherited the mutated gene and was at risk of cancer. Students will conclude the lab by interpreting the results and explaining what they mean with regards to having "inherited the gene".

"I'm proud of the level of engagement, focus and critical thinking students showed throughout the learning build-up to lab day," Tiff said.  "They created a culture of serious and thoughtful attention to the subject of genetic testing and showed such commitment to learning the lab skills. It was a beautiful example of student as scientist and students doing real science."