Backcountry Tiny Homes Visits Parker!

Backcountry Tiny Homes logo
Backcountry Tiny Homes visited Parker on March 15, 2021. It was an opportunity for our Division 1 students to get a tour of a real tiny house. This tour was a kickoff to the unit where they will develop their own tiny house design.
Tina and Luke from Backcountry Tiny Homes fielded dozens of questions from over 100 students (and several faculty too) who were able to go into this tiny house to see how amazing these homes can be! A big THANK YOU to Tina and Luke!
See photos below, and then click HERE to take a virtual tour!
Tiny house being towed by white pickup truck parked in front of school.
Backcountry Tiny Homes Visits Parker!
Student on steps inside tiny house.
Students check out the interior of the tiny home.
Students gathered outside the tiny house.
Division 1 MST students learn about what it takes to build a tiny house.