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49 Antietam St, Devens, MA 01434    (978) 772-3293    (978) 772-3295

Faculty and Staff List

Alan Laubenstein (Wellness)  
Alec Hudson (A/H)  
Amy Burnell (Wellness)  
Andrea Underhill-Curtin (A/H)  
Ashley Wood (A/H)  
Barbara Curtin (MST)  
Ben Benoit (Athletic Director) 114
Carolyn Edwards (Library Coordinator) 131
Carter Cox (Student Success/504 Coordinator) 130
Cathy Kennedy (Database Administrator) 148
Cathy Pearlman (Assistant to Business Manager) 111
Cindy Johnson (Receptionist) 0
Claudia Licata (Spanish)  
Colleen Meaney (Sizer Teachers Center Director) 168
Cordelia Fuller (A/H)  
Dawn Crane (MST)  
Deb Merriam (Academic Dean) 152
Debbie Bush (Kitchen Coordinator) 146
Debbie Osofsky (Advisory Coordinator) 136
Deborah Berger (Asst. to Coordinator of Special Ed) 121
Deborah Westaway (School Psychologist) 120
Diane Kruse (MST Domain Leader) 138
Emilie Shannon (Academic Support) 145
Erin Pasternak (Special Education Teacher)  
Henry Schrader (Division 3 Coordinator)  
Jacob Arons (A/H)  
Jen Diedrich (MST)  
Jim Desmond (A/H)  
John Bohannon (MST)  
John  Marshall (Facilities Manager) 118
Jon Churchill (MST)  
Julie Carr (Special Education Teacher) 142
Kafi Beckles (Wellness) (NTC)  
Kalista Kintzing (MST)  
Kathleen Russo (Special Ed Coordinator) 123
Katrina Tedstone (Director of Development) 164
Kaylyn Bartlett (MST) (NTC)  
Kris Grabarek (MST)  
Krisela Karaja (Spanish) (NTC)  
Kristen Rabinowitz (A/H)  
Lauren Josephs (MST) (NTC)  
Lia Bonfatti (A/H)  
Lisa Hubbard (MST) (NTC)  
Lisa Zick (School Nurse) 135
Lorin Hill (MST)  
Mandy Levine (Spanish) (Spanish Domain Leader) 163
Marena Cole (A/H)  
Matt Smith (A/H) (Division 1 Coordinator)  
Matthew Lindsey (A/H) (Division 2 Coordinator)  
Melissa Rizkalla (College Counselor) 144
Michelle Dawson (Spanish) (NTC)  
Michelle McKenna (Business Manager) 113
Mit Wanzer (MST)  
Molly McGillicuddy (A/H)  
Monique Beganski (Program Assistant) 112
Paige Lewis (A/H)  
Philip Seidl (MST)  
Pilly Polanco (Spanish) (NTC)  
Piña Madera (Spanish)  
Ruth Whalen Crockett (Director  New Teacher Collaborative) 171
Ryan Ruopp (A/H)  
Samuel Belcher (A/H)  
Sarah Leandro (A/H) (NTC)  
Sheila Kelly (School Counselor) 141
Sue Massucco (A/H) (A/H Domain Leader) 162
Taylor Tocci (MST)  
Tess Tessmer (MST)  
Tiffany Testa (MST)  
Todd Sumner (Principal) 150
Travis Young (Technology Coordinator) 147
Wesley Moreno  (Technology Coordinator) 143
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