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Graduation Portfolio

During their Division III career, students choose semester and year-long courses based on their interests but such that they are well exposed across the essential skills of:

Scientific Investigation
Mathematical Problem-Solving
Oral Presentation
Technical Communication
Systems Thinking
Artistic Expression
Listening and Media Analysis

The Graduation Portfolio contains work from these courses and demonstrates the student’s accomplishments in at least 9 of the 12 skill areas as outlined by the Criteria for Excellence.

Senior Project

Division III students at Parker will culminate their studies with a capstone Senior Project, a topic or project they choose to explore independently with the guidance of an outside mentor, sometimes in a workplace internship. Presented to a public audience as part of a student’s Graduation Exhibition, the Senior Project makes an intellectual and personal bridge between high school and the world beyond.

During this project they must:

  1. Generate an “essential question”;
  2. Explore this question by:
    1. Engaging in formal academic research;
    2. Collaborating with people outside the Parker School (e.g. internship, interview series, job-shadowing, field research);
  3. Use their findings/work to benefit the larger community;
  4. Apply skills and knowledge from several disciplines to complete the project;
  5. Present their project to a panel.

School Service

All Division III students commit two hours per week to school service. Students are paired with a faculty mentor to perform a variety of school-related functions from tutoring to custodial assistance to research assisting to office work.

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