Dear Parker Students, Staff, Families, Alums, and Friends,

I am writing with my heart full of gratitude for the opportunity to serve and lead the Francis W. Parker Charter Essential School these past ten years.  As Principal I’ve had the unique opportunity to collaborate with talented colleagues, support Parker students and families, partner with dedicated trustees, advocate for mission-driven charter public schools in Massachusetts, and promote Essential School principles of student-centered education nationally.  I love Parker!  Being part of this community has been the highlight of my career as a secondary school educator and school leader.

I’m also writing to let you know that earlier this week I informed Parker’s Board of Trustees that I intend this to be my final year as Principal at Parker.  I will conclude my service on June 30, 2022.  I have confidence in our Board team’s ability to undertake a year of planful transition carefully and well on behalf of a school and community we all love.  By starting in September, we set ourselves up for success in retaining the best available search consultants, recruiting a diverse and talented candidate pool, and giving ourselves the gift of time in discernment.

Finally, I’m writing to introduce Christine Regan-Davi, veteran trustee and Chair of the Parker Board, whose letter to you follows mine.  I look forward to working with Christine, my fellow trustees, my colleagues, current students, families, and all of you right up until the end of June!



From Christine Regan-Davi, Chair of the Parker Board

Dear Parker Community,

As a parent, community member, and trustee, I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Todd for most of his eleven years at Parker and, like many of you, understand that Todd and his contributions as school leader are unique.  What great good fortune we have had as a community to know and work with Todd!  And so it is with a grateful heart that I write this letter.  I feel especially grateful for the gift of time: we will have ample opportunity for reflection, discussion, and preparation during this transition.

For the next few weeks—until a Search Consultant and Search Committee are in place—I will be the voice of the school leadership succession process, providing periodic updates to the Parker community during the succession launch phase.  Our immediate next steps are to issue a Request for Proposals (RFP) from executive search firms and build a “one-stop” webpage on the Parker website for current information about the leadership transition process.

Pasted below is a general timeline for this important work.  I will write to you soon with information about Search Committee formation.  Should you have questions, comments, concerns, or ideas, now or in the future, please email me at [email protected].

The Board is committed to a process that is thorough, transparent, inclusive, and equitable; I know we can count on your active participation, thoughtful engagement, and good will.  I look forward to working with you all as we plan this new chapter for Parker.