Dear Parker Community,

We are writing today with an exciting update on the Head of School Search Process.  As we mentioned in our last communication, the Search Committee has narrowed the applicant pool to three highly qualified candidates who we are excited to bring to campus as part of the finalist interview process.  All three candidates enthusiastically applied for THIS job at THIS school because they already knew about Parker and want to be part of this community and what it offers.  We are happy to introduce them to you here; this email gives you the details about who those finalists are and your opportunities to meet each candidate.

First, our candidates. 
For each person, you can click on their name to view their resume and application materials.

Lily Rabinoff-Goldman
Current Position: Assistant Head of School, Gann Academy (MA)
Visiting Thurs/Fri, Jan 6/7

Leif Gustavson
Current Position: Dean of the College of Education, Pacific University (OR)
Visiting Mon/Tue, Jan 10/11

Brian Harrigan
Current Position: Principal, Natick High School (MA)
Visiting Thurs/Fri, Jan 13/14

Second, your opportunity to meet the candidates. 
Each candidate will be available for TWO community Q&A sessions – one in-person and one virtual (specifics below).  The virtual session will be via Zoom link and will be at 7:30pm on the first day of each visit.  The in-person session will be held in the Parker Auditorium from 8-8:30am on the second day of each visit (masks required).  We invite you to attend one of these sessions for each candidate.  Anyone who attends a session is invited to complete a brief survey about their impressions of the candidate, which will be used by the Search Committee as part of the final deliberation process.  Reminders and Zoom links will be sent to current families via email the day prior to each visit.  If you are an alum, alumni family, or otherwise do not have a currently enrolled student, please reach out to Monique Beganski ([email protected]) for the Zoom link, as we will not be posting that on the website.

Meet Lily: Thurs, Jan 6, 7:30pm (Zoom) or Fri, Jan 7, 8am (Parker Auditorium)
Meet Leif: Mon, Jan 10, 7:30pm (Zoom) or Tue, Jan 11, 8am (Parker Auditorium)
Meet Brian: Thurs, Jan 13, 7:30pm (Zoom) or Fri, Jan 14, 8am (Parker Auditorium)

We are excited to spend time with each of these finalists over the next two weeks, and we will keep you posted as the final stages of the process develop.

Deb Merriam and Glenn Penna (Search Committee Co-Chairs)